Adobe was launched in 1982 and is owned by Adobe Inc.. The domain was created on 1986-11-17.

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9 hours ago
Storytelling and @sundanceorg - what could be better? Meet the 2021 fellows bringing important messages to the screen as a part of the #SundanceIgnite x Adobe fellowship. 👇
1 day ago
Kids in 1991: I made a picture of my face out of noodles.

Kids in 2021: I made some custom Photoshop brushes so the 3D render of my self-portrait has a more engaging variety of textures.
2 days ago
Making a splash. 💦

Art Direction and 3D by Hugo Richel:
Adobe photo
2 days ago
Creative inspiration can come from anywhere. In this week's #WomenCreateWednesday, learn where designer Manon Louart finds inspiration most and how she finds peace in the creative process.
3 days ago
A walk around our colorful world. 🌎 Photography by Matthias Heiderich: Adobe photo
4 days ago
When we say we collect rocks this is what we mean. ✨👇

Photos by @tomleightonart:
Adobe photo

Submissions from Interest by Google Trends on Twitter

14 minutes ago
Adobe encoder 立ち上がりめちゃくちゃ遅い!!

#Adobe #encoder #アドビ
th_9plus photo
24 minutes ago
ログイン直後に選択画面が出ます とあるけれど実際は出ないので気が付かない。一度わかってしまえば簡単な話ですが問い合わせた時Substanceの日本語サポートはしてないと返されたのは辛かった。同じことで躓いている人に届きますように。
mikit_horror photo

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