Airbnb was launched in 2008 and is owned by Airbnb, Inc.. The domain was created on 2008-08-05.

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Just dropped: the biggest change to Airbnb in a decade. Meet the new Airbnb for a new world of travel. 👇
Travel is about to get a redesign. See what's new on May 11: Airbnb photo
in Q1 2022, nights and experiences booked surpassed pre-pandemic levels, demonstrating strong global demand for travel. $ABNB
for the first time ever, guests can experience an overnight stay inside the iconic red windmill at the @MoulinRouge 🌹

bookings open on may 17 at 7pm CEST:
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today, we’re announcing that airbnb employees can live and work anywhere.
calling all aspiring coastal grandmothers... Airbnb photo

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#airbnb is now making us pay to replace our host's 5 yo hardwood floors (~1800 USD). We didn't even wear shoes in the apartment. They are also charging us 250 for flushing a toilet, throwing away 2 COVID masks, and wiping out a sink. This is on top of a 180 CHF/USD cleaning fee. JTashker photo
#airbnb host also hit us with claims for "excessive cleaning" for 2 COVID masks... JTashker photo
We stayed at this #airbnb for 4 nights in Feb'22. Host hit us with over $4000 in excessive cleaning and damage fees, including costs to replace his hardwood floors. These are the floor pics. Host says in his claim floors are 5 years old. JTashker photo
Anne Hidalgo avait promis un référendum.
Emmanuel Grégoire avait annoncé une grande victoire contre #airbnb (par ailleurs sponsor du CIO)
Ian Brossat a écrit un livre.

Au final,un nouvel échec de la mairie qui arrange sûrement beaucoup de monde.

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