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14 hours ago
The latest addition to the upcoming #KnivesOut sequel, @JanelleMonae has made it clear that she's one of Hollywood's fastest-rising talents. AskDotCom photo
16 hours ago
With today's announcement of the #RockHall2021 inductees, we can't help but think about some of the iconic artists who have been snubbed over the years. AskDotCom photo
18 hours ago
With its impossibly catchy songs and unique sense of humor, @Racheldoesstuff's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend encouraged an open, shame-free conversation about #mentalhealth diagnosis and treatment. #MentalHealthMatters AskDotCom photo
20 hours ago
If we had to choose just one movie to encapsulate how Gen X felt in the ‘90s, it would probably be Reality Bites. AskDotCom photo

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