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2 days ago
How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Email List
6 days ago
A question is a great way to spark some curiosity around your email, but it’s the type of question that matters.

'Yes' or 'No' questions perform better than open-ended questions.

Questions with a negative association (like don’t or can’t) don’t perform as well.
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7 days ago
Use a free tool like @Canva to overlay a “play” button on an image to give the impression of a video, and link the image to the video.

PRO TIP: Use the new Canva button in AWeber to create and edit right inside AWeber.
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7 days ago
The team at @MorningBrew reached 1 MILLION opens with this split testing strategy (plus we should you how to do it in AWeber 🙌): AWeber photo
7 days ago
Truly personal emails use more than simply a first name. They are tailored to a subscriber's actions, preferences, demographics, and more.

Here are 5 tips to add more personalization to your emails:
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1 week ago
Why does email matter for your business? Check out @mjnesta's interview with @spapreneur to learn why you should get serious about email marketing:

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