Baidu was launched in 2000 and is owned by Baidu. The domain was created on 1999-10-11.

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#Baidu translate ( and #GoogleTranslate are both very good for translating between Chinese and English. Baidu is probably best for E to C, while Google is probably best for #Chinese to English. These are very useful for dealing with suppliers. #langtwt mandarinportal photo
Autonome Taxis sind dank #Waymo und #Cruise bereits kommerzielle Realität. Der größte Datensammler #Tesla wird aber laut Prognose von #ArkInvest erst Ende 2024 seinen Ride-Hail-Dienst starten. Zuvor sind noch #Baidu und #Pony am Start. #Elektroauto #Cleantech Cleanthinking photo
Can #digitalhumans compete with real-life celebrities? That’s exactly what’s happening on MEMOON Player, the world’s first #VR game show! See how 3D avatars from #Baidu’s XiLing platform are wowing judges with their incredible performances on the virtual stage. SouthernGemGal photo
20/8/5▼ポンぺオ米国務長官:クリーンネットワーク計画を表明▼悪質で信頼出来ない中国の通信機器・通信会社・アプリ・システムを米国から排除。 #TikTok #WeChat #Huawei #Baidu #テンセント #楽天

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