Baidu was launched in 2000 and is owned by Baidu. The domain was created on 1999-10-11.

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3 hours ago
Deep Dive: Here are Wall Street’s favorite big tech stocks as the Nasdaq closes in on another milestone #activisionblizzard #nasdaq #others #baidu #analysts #netflix
6 hours ago
Las tecnológicas chinas #Alibaba #Baidu y #Didi cotizaron en baja el viernes en Wall Street, ante los temores de un aumento de la regulación de Pekín. La intervención regulatoria del Gobierno chino en el mercado de los educadores privados, indujo a la baja generalizada, @Nasdaq
11 hours ago
CNBC host Jim Cramer advised investors on Friday to stop buying shares in Chinese companies listed in the United States, saying the country’s regime was using them to undermine them to undermine Western investors. #Alibaba #AndrewRossSorkin #Baidu
Newsenm photo
16 hours ago
Just loaded up the boat with some China names. #Alibaba, #JDcom, #Prosus ( #Tencent) and #Baidu as well as US chip manufacturing equipment maker KLA Tencor. The temptation was just too big. I couldn't resist. $BABA, $JD, $BIDU, $PROSF, $TCEHY, $KLAC

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