Baidu was launched in 2000 and is owned by Baidu. The domain was created on 1999-10-11.

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🔑 #Baidu #ESG report key takeaways:

✅Carbon neutrality at the group level by 2030
✅~20%-30% carbon emission saved by the intelligent transport system
✅99.5% power supply efficiency in the data center
✅43.2% of our managers are female
✅>1,000 open-source projects on Github
By @Baidu_Inc “You may play ping pong, but can you play like Olympic ping pong champion Ma Long? Baidu's 3D+AI coaching system can show you!”
#AI #Olympics #pingpong #China
#sports #3D #ArtificialIntelligence
#Baidu #百度 #MachineLearning
education_24x7 photo
Baidu Releases 2021 ESG Report, Pledging Efforts towards a Greener Future with Technology Innovation.

#baidu #carbon #carbonemission #emissions #pollution #environment #technews
#Baidu, which has always focused on the development of AI, invested in an AI big data company specialised in smart agriculture Maifei tech in 2018, and in 2019, it invested in Jiawo Tianhe, a service provider of smart livestock farming.

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