Docker was launched in 2010 and is owned by Docker, Inc.. The domain was created on 1995-01-25.

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11 hours ago
In this new Captains Take 5 post, we highlight #DockerCaptain @nickjanetakis. His favorite & most used #Docker command is docker-compose up. Get to know Nick a little better here
2 days ago
Join us for our 2nd Docker Community All-Hands on March 11th. This virtual event will bring together our community for live updates from Docker’s leadership team & awesome demos. Register at

#Docker #Community #Developers
3 days ago
New guest post up on the blog - Compiling Qt with #Docker Using Caching by @vpetersson @ScreenlyApp
3 days ago
This is going to be a good one 👉 Breaking Containers to Improve Security, taking place March 2nd w/ @pmckee & @ericsmalling @snyksec Register here

#Docker #developers #Kubernetes #security #containers
7 days ago
Regular reminder that we do not sell pants. Head on over to @Dockers for all your apparel needs 😜

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31 seconds ago
We have two spots left for our full day online #Docker training next Thursday March 4. Interested? Send me a DM or mail Roy
8 minutes ago
Can someone suggest whether Is it ok to run docker on VM without #k8s with a script which can restart docker if it is crashed ?
For production workload but not mission critical
#Kubernetes #Docker

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