Etsy was launched in 2005 and is owned by Etsy. The domain was created on 2004-02-05.

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1 day ago
Add some delight to your morning routine with this celestial mug—the moon and star are hand-painted with real gold ☕️✨ Etsy photo
2 days ago
Superstar singer (and busy mama of two) @kellyrowland knows all about smash hits—and how to find them on Etsy. Take a peek at her top picks from Etsy small business owners.
3 days ago
Bringing you your daily dose of creativity from Etsy maker MatryoshkaDollShop 🧵
4 days ago
Melissa, the maker behind M. Koby Art, creates inspiring illustrations that you'll definitely want framed on your walls. Read more about her and her art: Etsy photo

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