Facebook was launched in 2004 and is owned by Facebook, Inc.. The domain Facebook.com was created on 1997-03-29.

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Reaching the imaginations of a class full of second graders?! That’s a super power! 💪🏾 Meet Sammy R. of the ‘Black Teachers Rock’ Facebook Group and our next featured hero in our series, The Super Ordinary. Watch as one of Sammy’s lessons comes to life! ✨ #MyBlackFeels https://t.co/3D2V7mXVOv
Sammy R., The Imaginator, teaches second grade and uses his creativity to spark his students’ imaginations, so they feel encouraged, creative and confident in their abilities. ✨🦸🏿‍♂️ Check out Sammy’s story, The Imaginator, coming soon. #MyBlackFeels https://t.co/nCYvJM8Oou facebook photo
There’s power and strength in knowing how to speak with real intention. In this comic, Super Ordinary’s Niya M. instantly gains respect from following her intuition of what to say. Less is more within the power of the Sonic Boom. 💫🦸🏾‍♀️ #MyBlackFeels https://t.co/NfYgTFS8NG
From building queer communities to celebrating positive representation for LGBTQ+ women, trans and non-binary people in media, @ClexaCon 2022 showed us the power and possibility of supporting each other online and IRL. #ClexaCon #MoreTogether https://t.co/uQ3vHmO3l7
Niya M, a member of our series, The Super Ordinary, was taught from an early age to stand up for herself. She took that lesson with her to law school and beyond. Now, she’s putting that voice to WORK, making herself heard and felt as a force no one in her office can ignore. 🦸🏾‍♀️💫 https://t.co/uZmV8XZIeJ facebook photo
💅🏿👨🏿👑 Tune-in to the latest episode of My Black Influence to watch Jason Carter ( @jjcforever) of 'All About Drag' Facebook Group slay while discussing the impact Black Drag Queens have had from Harlem to Hollywood over the last century. #MyBlackFeels https://t.co/R27YDLRZq3

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What God cannot do does not exist!
What God cannot do does not exist!!
What God cannot do does not exist!!!
#7amFirePrayers (Nigeria Monday - Friday)
Still time to jump on this launch offer. AI powered chatbot from Clever Messenger
#chatbots #messenger #Facebook
जिनके घरों में इतिहास की किताबों से ज़्यादा मोबाइल फोन पड़े हैं वो भी आजकल कहने लगे हैं कि #MahatmaGandhi ने क्या किया देश के लिए?
बिना पढ़े, बिना जाने जो भी #WhatsApp #Facebook पर मिला बस मानने लगे
पहले गाँधी को पढ़िये,फिर सवाल करिए तब
जवाब भी मिल जायेगा।

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