Facebook was launched in 2004 and is owned by Facebook, Inc.. The domain Facebook.com was created on 1997-03-29.

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1 day ago
Thank you to everyone stepping up to support those affected by the COVID-19 crisis in India.

You’re making donations, raising awareness and finding other ways to help when people need it most 🧡 https://t.co/qA9F6dtz7B
Facebook photo
5 days ago
A year of resilience in the face of loss—watch Shoshana's story for Mental Health Awareness Month. https://t.co/emiikdfuQ7
5 days ago
Age is but a number for Joan M. At 75, she’s flexing over 1 million @instagram followers and inspiring others with her own fitness journey and message that it’s never too late to get in shape. As Joan puts it best, “You can’t turn back the clock but you can wind it up again!” https://t.co/7jefcZ98qB
5 days ago
For Mental Health Awareness Month we celebrate the power of checking in on loved ones, in a year that’s asked so much of us. https://t.co/IlPnnYQoKA
1 week ago
The 2021 Facebook Community Accelerator program is here ✨

If selected, you'll get up to $50K in funding, training and new tools to help you make an even bigger impact in your community.

Apply by May 31 👉 https://t.co/282iOVzZzv https://t.co/7J8gih7Sbz
Facebook photo
1 week ago
Happy #APAHM

This month and beyond, we’re highlighting API voices, celebrating their impact and sharing how we’re giving support – including a $5M donation to orgs focused on racial justice and equity for the API community and other marginalized groups.


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1 minute ago
@DerkWalters Uit het @adformatie item: 'De #marketing van @BoerBurgerB is een combinatie van oud (offline), nieuw (online) met vooral advertenties op #Facebook. De #marketing van #BBB was veel meer grassroots dan gestuurd door industriële klanten'. https://t.co/sDHIm0x9RI Raymond_vT photo
1 minute ago
#NessunaCorrelazione #Facebook Ps: prima del blocco, chissà come mai, però, il mio commento incriminato ha fatto a tempo a ricevere 7 "like" ... 😤

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