Facebook was launched in 2004 and is owned by Facebook, Inc.. The domain Facebook.com was created on 1997-03-29.

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5 hours ago
Every business starts with an idea, and good ideas deserve to be found. Personalized ads make that possible.

Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found https://t.co/0No8lmClRp https://t.co/2eRDKxOM0E
1 day ago
You 👏 did 👏 that 👏

Thank you to everyone who has come together to support people affected by the winter storm and power outage crisis in Texas.

Together you've posted and commented 27M times about the news and donated more than $1.2M on Facebook and Instagram ❤️ https://t.co/4KXznTsmoJ
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6 days ago
Great news about the US rejoining the Paris Agreement 👏 We plan to do our part by meeting our goals on net zero emissions, using 100% renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions 🌎

It’s on all of us to limit global warming and climate change. https://t.co/aOLrAqpiVd
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America Is All In @americaisallin
Today, the U.S. formally re-enters the #ParisAgreement and #AmericaIsAllIn launches a national mobilization for climate action. Thousands of local leaders from across the country say it’s time to go #AllInOnClimate. https://t.co/qOZBiyaAgz https://t.co/z6xeyi5ODN
2 weeks ago
Black health matters 🖤 Today we celebrate two women who are healing their communities.

Na’imah is a doula supporting moms in childbirth.

Ashley advocates for free mental health for the Black community.

3 weeks ago
Black History is written every day. It is constantly shaped by people who are living their stories out loud.

The movements created by the Black community are constantly making waves around the world. Together, building a rich and diverse legacy that transcends time. https://t.co/o76qn2piVh

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7 seconds ago
Para conocimiento de todos #Facebook tiene 2 mil millones de empleados a los que no paga un peso, y de todos ellos ejerce dominio sobre su información.
Vamos por la #RedHumanaMexicana con la valoración del Presidente @lopezobrador_ seguiremos impulsándola. https://t.co/iaKFWJAZV7
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12 seconds ago

The Human Enigma - 1

The Human Spirit

"Man” or “human” also consists of the human spirit,or the holographic after-life wave body, which is comprised of these 4 different types of waves..


Translated by:A.Atalay https://t.co/lmYwtFdENb
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