Facebook was launched in 2004 and is owned by Facebook, Inc.. The domain Facebook.com was created on 1997-03-29.

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4 days ago
"Skate Nation Ghana" tells the story of Joshua and Sandy, and how they used Facebook's platforms to build an emerging skateboarding culture in Ghana that inspired skaters around the globe. We change the game when we find each other. https://t.co/djCaTh9DYN
1 week ago
When the pandemic forced Tammy to shut the doors on her trolley tour business in Florida, she found a new and unexpected income source — a 1970s ice cream truck she found on Facebook Marketplace. https://t.co/hFaWQWAUpl
1 week ago
From artists to style experts and budding entertainers, we want to help creators succeed. That's why we're investing over $1 billion in new ways to earn money for creating great content on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about our bonus programs 👇 https://t.co/xBxaXLWtJd
3 weeks ago
“We wanted to build something bigger. So we got everybody in the Group. Without Facebook, I really honestly don’t know how we would do it,” Christi J. Founder of Roller Derby https://t.co/CnUgAcLs9Y
3 weeks ago
Many vulnerable communities are facing barriers to getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

That’s why we’re working closely with nonprofits to bring resources like mobile vaccination clinics to communities around the US.

Find out more → https://t.co/H7RqpHDFTp https://t.co/rnRqGuYgsB
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3 weeks ago
Today we’re launching Bulletin, a new platform that empowers independent writers, experts, and journalists to share their voices. Start reading someone new, today
https://t.co/Ya0hW9fC4e https://t.co/U2pfpkXkrs

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2 minutes ago
🏘 Colonizing the metaverse alongside names like #Facebook make what we are doing more feasible, and will no doubt increase the speed of adoption.

Read more 👉 https://t.co/wAg32RwcGT

See you in the metaverse.

#BeYourOwnHero https://t.co/TE3owtt1hT
natbornsoldier photo
2 minutes ago
Thrilled to #announce that MetricWorks is now officially a #Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP)! With our #proven #incrementality #measurement #solution, #Polaris, we can help you better #analyze & #optimize the #performance of your #mobile #app #campaigns across all #Channels. https://t.co/9Ya194QyAM Digi_tips photo

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