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4 days ago
In our latest 16 Questions about One Photo interview, multidisciplinary artist and photographer @Tobi_Shobo shares how she approaches the representation of Black women in beauty photography.
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4 days ago
Lockdown measures, social distancing, mask-wearing—COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in many for well over a year now.
Efforts to document the pandemic for future generations have been underway since the beginning of the outbreak. Share your images here:
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2 weeks ago
Our next Livestream is a Street Photography Live Critique.
We will be joined by 3 @FujifilmX_US photographers and critiquing images from the Fujifilm Flickr Group.
Join us live with @rinzizen, @lannacore, @likeamacheen and our own @AlastairJolly
July 8th
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3 weeks ago
Celebrate our 100th Episode and win some giveaways!
Come join your host @AlastairJolly as we look back at the last 100 shows.
Plus join us live for your chance to win some Flickr and SmugMug subscriptions.
Tuesday, July 6th at 11am PDT
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3 weeks ago
In our latest 16 Questions about One Photo interview, @kourtinthakut shares the story behind a cotton field near her home, why its cultural and historical significance caught her attention, and how that inspired the direction of this portrait.
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4 weeks ago
Still time to enter your image into the @FujifilmX_US Flickr groups Street Photography Critique.
Your chance to have your image reviewed on the Livestream.
Please make sure to submit your image(s) by Tuesday, June 29th at 11:59pm EDT.
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