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52 minutes ago
Happy Birthday, #JamesWan! From the chills of #TheConjuring to the thrills of #Aquaman, we take a look at his unique cinematic style. Which Wan film is your favorite?
9 hours ago
Director @leedanielsent and the cast of #TheUnitedStatesvsBillieHoliday reveal why @AndraDayMusic's portrayal will challenge what fans think they know about Lady Day.
12 hours ago
#OnThisDay in 1936, Modern Times was released. What's your favorite Charlie Chaplin film? IMDb photo
14 hours ago
3 movies changed @joelkinnaman's life: Taxi Driver, La Haine, and Pusher. 🎧🎥 Check out the latest episode of #MoviesThatChangedMyLife to hear why they're important to him and find out more about his latest project, #ForAllMankind 👉
15 hours ago
Just your average coming-of-age sea monster story. Journey to Italy with the new teaser trailer for #PixarLuca 🛵🍦🌊

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9 minutes ago
#Dram #Politik
1s 47dk
#imdb 8
Gönüllü olarak #faşist İtalya hükümeti hizmetine giren adama öldürme görevi verilce hersey değişir.
Aslında faşizm eleştirisi var ama n draması yerinde,n eleştirisi,n duygusallığı..itici bi ciddiyetsizlik var gibi.Bazı sahneler ⚠️+18
kendindehapis photo
10 minutes ago
I rated Mimì metallurgico ferito nell'onore (1972) 5/10 #IMDb. It can be appreciated in the context of its time. But 50 years later the message has dulled.
13 minutes ago
I rated Bad Boys for Life (2020) 3/10 #IMDb Another franchise outlives it’s welcome. Only incels and prepubescents will be entertained by this steaming pile of crap.

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