Jimdo was launched in 2007 and is owned by Jimdo GmbH. The domain Jimdo.com was created on 2005-12-01.

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#SystemUpdate: The problem has been found and fixed. All Creator websites are accessible again
Unfortunately, there are currently problems with the accessibility of the Creator websites. The reason for this is a technical malfunction. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and are currently working on a solution. We will keep you informed.
In 2016, Caroline took over the management of the 100 year old family embroidery business. She adjusted it to modern times through new products, using modern colors and fabrics, while also opening up an online store. Find more inspo here: https://t.co/kwO5F9Jftl https://t.co/tYmuP80fAJ jimdo photo
Defining a music marketing strategy is important for soloists, bands, DJs and others in the industry who want to get their music out there. Here's how: https://t.co/8izA2cSCuI #musicmarketing https://t.co/gpumEDDdAq jimdo photo
Sarah's jewelry line & some magic was born out of her love for travel and magic. She now offers her talismans made of shells, beads and gemstones in her online store: https://t.co/763R1PVlsF.
Looking for more inspo? Find it here: https://t.co/9jVfOVEP8S #Jimdo https://t.co/jxOO5X6cha
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Moritz was only 16 when he founded his own company for #bottlegardens - small ecological works of art you might say. Curious? Go check out: https://t.co/zc9yfyJg5b. Interested in more Jimdo-User success stories? Click here: https://t.co/tybm9S4OoT https://t.co/FrS5Vw9Sz2 jimdo photo

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Schnell und einfach zu einer eigenen Website, die auch noch professionell aussieht? Das geht! Zum Beispiel mit #Jimdo.

Du willst mehr dazu erfahren? In meinem Testbericht stelle ich dir Jimdo detailliert vor.

https://t.co/Gba6Zzv3Kf https://t.co/xLzdPzbLpI
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「Jimdo教室」のページにて、講座内容・持ち物・予約方法等の情報を掲載中です! 詳しくはJimdoのHPから! https://t.co/jDT3ZaCtAh #Jimdo #Jimdo教室 #奈良 #大阪





丹波市アートコンペティションにて入選した作品を展示しております。 https://t.co/T2B6OqDCdw #jimdo
FacebookページでもJimdoの情報を公開中!皆さん、是非ともフォローをお願いします! Facebookページはこちらから! https://t.co/1e3M3NCGLL #Jimdo #Facebook #Jimdo教室 #奈良 #大阪

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