Jimdo was launched in 2007 and is owned by Jimdo GmbH. The domain Jimdo.com was created on 2005-12-01.

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14 hours ago
Being self-employed part-time: That means more time for your own passion - and at the same time new duties. Every tuesday Farina is a #freelance artist for acrylic paintings. She took us with her on her not so ordinary daily work life: #Jimdo
https://t.co/eOOr7PPNg4 https://t.co/bswVo2Lybe
jimdo photo
3 days ago
Do you know that glorious feeling too? 😁😁 https://t.co/Gn3FoeLpaG jimdo photo
5 days ago
If you just started out with your first website, there might be some buzzwords which can be confusing. Here’s a cheat sheet of some of the most common vocabulary you’re likely to encounter - explained, simple and easy: https://t.co/6mFnWx7XSU
1 week ago
Invoices, offers, invitations - self-employed people write a lot of emails every day. We've put together 9 email templates that will make your job easier. Just download them! https://t.co/qwc8ZEFLid https://t.co/vkhVqsUc7w jimdo photo
2 weeks ago
Photography is crucial to the look and feel of any website or shop. With our integrated image library you get beautiful images for your industry that you can use with no hassle or hidden costs. What you see is what you get! https://t.co/sRovJwEoWf
2 weeks ago
It's now possible to connect Facebook and Instagram shopping with your Jimdo store! Our new feature automatically syncs your products, prices & more to Facebook and Instagram. That way, your followers can scroll through your feeds and buy! More info: https://t.co/SfyFV8G2cU

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7 minutes ago
「Jimdo教室」のページにて、講座内容・持ち物・予約方法等の情報を掲載中です! 詳しくはJimdoのHPから! https://t.co/jDT3ZaU4YR #Jimdo #Jimdo教室 #奈良 #大阪
3 hours ago
🔥ホームページを更新しました🔥: https://t.co/zmQygThuot #jimdo
5 hours ago
丹波市アートコンペティションにて入選した作品を展示しております。 https://t.co/T2B6OqDCdw #jimdo
6 hours ago
FacebookページでもJimdoの情報を公開中!皆さん、是非ともフォローをお願いします! Facebookページはこちらから! https://t.co/1e3M3NCGLL #Jimdo #Facebook #Jimdo教室 #奈良 #大阪
6 hours ago
I tried to use Jimdo!
#ホームページ #ホームページ制作 #homepage #Jimdo https://t.co/GcibemhJK4

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