Jimdo was launched in 2007 and is owned by Jimdo GmbH. The domain Jimdo.com was created on 2005-12-01.

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2 days ago
10 years ago, what did you imagine you'd be doing now? How does it compare to where you are today? If we know one thing about self-employment, it's that you learn to expect the unexpected! https://t.co/8mVu7smAgH jimdo photo
6 days ago
Video content on your website grabs the attention of your visitors and can illustrate your brand in motion. In our latest blog post, we show you how videos make your website better: https://t.co/hDO9tcSJDT
1 week ago
A bust market stall... But virtual! Sandra now sells all the beautiful hosiery from her stall in her online store. We love the way she's brought the magic of a live market to her online business, through her communication style and joy of selling. https://t.co/bXXaAvGusT https://t.co/PV7bw1RAOa jimdo photo
1 week ago
Want to keep selling your products locally, without the hassle of packing and shipping? Now you can offer click & collect as a standalone option: your customers shop and pay on your website, then swing by and collect their orders in person. Win win! https://t.co/VwV7PjXLRI
2 weeks ago
Rebecca is normally a wedding photographer, but last year she expanded to offer fine art prints in her Jimdo store. Her stunning travel photos are perfect for any explorer who misses gazing out to sea. Can you feel the wind in your hair? https://t.co/xv1ibOqAsy https://t.co/9G2PHzAUpL jimdo photo
2 weeks ago
What’s your remedy for a bad day? Being self-employed is full of challenges—and if one thing’s for sure, it’s that some days just don’t go to plan. Some of us meditate, some blast heavy metal on high volume. When you’re feeling swamped: What’s your cure? https://t.co/lYgEzr2J4b jimdo photo

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35 minutes ago
Whether you need an affordable website having easy to use tool tabs or personalized websites, Jimdo has everything at the best price range possible.

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#StartFree #Jimdo https://t.co/69IXqV6tfu
aliakbarfakhri photo
3 hours ago

生徒さんへ向けてのお知らせも随時更新していきますので、確認をお願いします<(_ _)>!

https://t.co/T5SOH3pEAf #jimdo
4 hours ago
「起業したけど、ホームページが無いので、自分で作ってしまいたい!」 このような方には、JimdoでHP制作をするのがオススメ!! JImdoはテンプレートが40種類以上も用意されているので、自分に合ったHPを簡単に作ることができます! #Jimdo #テンプレート #40種類以上
4 hours ago
FacebookページでもJimdoの情報を公開中!皆さん、是非ともフォローをお願いします! Facebookページはこちらから! https://t.co/1e3M3NCGLL #Jimdo #Facebook #Jimdo教室 #奈良 #大阪

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