Jimdo was launched in 2007 and is owned by Jimdo GmbH. The domain Jimdo.com was created on 2005-12-01.

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2 hours ago
"Think really carefully about what you have to give. What is your purpose? And what value does it add for other people?" Read our interview with inspiring Jimdo customer Pato Cervantes here: https://t.co/yATDfW6UVU
3 days ago
Stuck on what to call your business? Like your brand, your name is part of your identity. But don't let your quest for the perfect moniker hold you back! From legal factors to brainstorming tips, here's how to find a business name your customers will love: https://t.co/JfhRQP4Hiy
2 weeks ago
New feature alert for Dolphin Store owners! It's now easier for customers to buy products in your store. When a buyer checks out, Smart Payment Buttons by PayPal automatically presents the most convenient payment types for them. Read more: https://t.co/RhVd1tj6pk
2 weeks ago
It's now possible to connect Facebook and Instagram shopping with your Jimdo store! Our new feature automatically syncs your products, prices & more to Facebook and Instagram. That way, your followers can scroll through your feeds and buy! More info: https://t.co/SfyFV8G2cU
2 weeks ago
Whatever your entrepreneurial style is, we want to help. The "Business Tips" section on our blog is where you'll find our research, guides, and tips on all things self-employed. Check it out here: https://t.co/wpQ8hX3Q6O https://t.co/rrRH1oZ8Ul jimdo photo
3 weeks ago
When you’re self-employed, turning down work can be terrifying. But sometimes “Thanks, but no thanks” is the best thing you say for yourself and your business. Learn how to spot the signs that a project isn’t for you. Read more on our blog: https://t.co/NSNcHuSLVe

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16 hours ago
丹波市アートコンペティションにて入選した作品を展示しております。 https://t.co/T2B6OqDCdw #jimdo
1 day ago
Bathurst12時間 午後の部は今までの不運が全て詰まったようなレースでした。



#Bathurst12 #Jimdo #STR https://t.co/asUF4q3g04
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