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4 months ago
LiveJournal always welcomes everyone!
We should bring people together. Peace, please!
5 years ago
Sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties and we are working on the issue. We will restore service as soon as possible.
6 years ago
We are experiencing an unplanned outage and are working on the issue. We will restore service as soon as possible! Thank you 🙂
6 years ago
Site maintenance is scheduled for today at 22:00 (UTC) which will require LJ to be down for approx. 1 hr. Thank you for your patience!

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2 hours ago
Обзор и описание основных видов и сортов гибискуса #растение #92springdays #livejournal #флора #Блог #цветы #Жизнь
1 day ago
@EnablerRiz @andre6323593720 fret, even #LiveJournal® has "live!" in it: So for the sake of their survival — the #OhNoTheyDidnt® has to.. Well, just read the choicest of citations over here on the English-language Wikipedia® on that forum being reviewed by experts *in full:*

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