Yahoo! Mail was launched in 1997 and is owned by Yahoo!. The domain was created on 1995-01-18.

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Dear friends & NFL fans, OMG!!!!2021 NFL season kickoff starts now. Get your Yahoo mail app and tap on the “Videos”tab to watch NFL games for free. You can now enjoy Yahoo’s exclusive NFL highlight videos and a wide variety of Yahoo original videos during commercial breaks.Enjoy! yahoomail photo
Dear friends, on this very special day for Yahoo as we embark on a brand new chapter, we would like to sincerely thank you all for being our friends and customers! We are Yahoo! We hope to company you for many more years with the best inbox you love💜💜💜
Hi Friends! Great news! Yahoo Mail app is available for M1-powered Macs. Get the same app features you love on a bigger screen, one-tap unsubscribe, quick reply, custom alerts and many more. Download now on your mac store app and let us how you like it! #yahoomail #yahoo yahoomail photo
Hi Friends! Watch Steelers vs. Cowboys for the price of FREE at Aug 5, 8:00PM ET. Download the Yahoo Mail app now and tap the Videos tab to enjoy the warm, grassy embrace of 2021 NFL preseason football🏈 Starting now… yahoomail photo
Hi friends! Inbox overwhelmed with 4th of July promos? Clean out your inbox this weekend with the Yahoo Mail app. With the Subscriptions tab, we make it easy to unsubscribe from junk mail. See all your mailing lists in 1 place and unsubscribe in a tap. Download the app today! yahoomail photo

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Si vous souhaitez vous déconnecter ce week-end, désactivez les notifications #YahooMail 😴💤
¡Tic tac, tic tac! ¿Al fin llega ese finde #Romántico? 😊💌 Para que no se te olvide nada, utiliza los recordatorios de #YahooMail: . YahooAyuda photo

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