Yahoo! Mail was launched in 1997 and is owned by Yahoo!. The domain was created on 1995-01-18.

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The big plays. The end zone dances. The halftime shenanigans. Catch it ALL live and free with the Yahoo Mail mobile app 📲. Simply download it on your phone, tap the Videos tab, and settle it for the most Super Sunday ever! 🏈🍕🍻 yahoomail photo
Friends, no more scratching your heads around holiday prep. We got you covered! Steal your holiday gift ideas from @MichaelBuble ‘s holiday favorites and learn holiday hacks from @chrissyteigen & @johnlegend Download Yahoo Mail app now to watch and be merry 🎄🎅💜 #Christmas2021
Hi friends, did you know email was invented 50 years ago today? The 1st email said “something like QWERTYUIOP.”
This incredible milestone paved the way for us @yahoomail ! Check out our love letter to email. #QWERTYUIOP #50yrsofemail
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Dear friends & NFL fans, OMG!!!!2021 NFL season kickoff starts now. Get your Yahoo mail app and tap on the “Videos”tab to watch NFL games for free. You can now enjoy Yahoo’s exclusive NFL highlight videos and a wide variety of Yahoo original videos during commercial breaks.Enjoy! yahoomail photo
Dear friends, on this very special day for Yahoo as we embark on a brand new chapter, we would like to sincerely thank you all for being our friends and customers! We are Yahoo! We hope to company you for many more years with the best inbox you love💜💜💜

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@yahoomail, I logged into my account, and it looks like you’ve deleted all my emails. Unbelievable and heartless! I want my email backs asap. #yahoomail #yahoo
Hey @yahoo Mail, please sort out your spam filters. This is getting unusable. #yahoomail #spam
Send a DM if you are looking to hack any type of social media or gain access into any type of email account #facebook #instagram #twitter #gmail #yahoomail
No te pierdas la Ceremonia de #Eurovisión. Activa ya las notificaciones de la app #YahooMail. 🎤👩‍🎤👨‍🎤🇪🇺
You can import your #Gmail account to @ProtonMail,
"Proton Import via Easy Switch" is simple and easy.
Also, work with #yahoomail #outlookmail and others.
Emails / Contacts / Calendars.
@ProtonMail Secure, Swiss-based email that respects your privacy.
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