Mojeek was launched in 2004 and is owned by Mojeek. The domain was created on 2004-09-29.

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2 days ago
"In fact, almost every search engine I could think of was blocked"

👋 did you try us @verge ? and this tool
3 days ago
The @OpenRightsGroup is an organisation founded in 2005 which protects the digital rights of people in the UK.

We believe this is very important work, and this is why we've recently joined the ranks of their corporate supporters.
mojeek photo
1 week ago
"Overall, it is a solid independent and private alternative to the big tech search engines. In fact, it's probably the direct biggest rival to the Big Tech search engines that have their own crawlers."

Thanks @avoidthehack
2 weeks ago
Looks like we're a bunch of knuckleheads then 👊😉
2 weeks ago
"[Mojeek] est le seul moteur de recherche ayant son propre index qui respecte la vie privée de ses utilisateurs." 🇫🇷 🔍
2 weeks ago
Looking for liberty? It's easier with different tools... 🧰 ⚒️ mojeek photo

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