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6 hours ago
A password erects a locked door between a person and their profile on/access to a service. 🔒

Two-factor authentication provides a second door, one which can be a lot harder to get through… enabling this can be as simple as downloading an app. 🚪🚪
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1 day ago
Mojeek: feature - no-tracking ⛔️

Other search engines: bug - tracking 🦟
1 day ago
Looking for ways to help us out? We are searching (😂) for some UX testers to improve our offering to those looking for a true alternative in search 🔍

If you'd be happy to give some of your time, you can get in contact using the form linked below.
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3 days ago
"Just like you could quite easily imagine the deleterious effects upon civil life and democracy that would come from having only one newspaper, having only one viable gatekeeper for the Web is a big problem."

Mojeek's Josh for @ethicul_
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4 days ago
When you are signing up for a service and are asked to input your phone number, ask: is this necessary?

A lot of services will accept VOIP numbers, or let you skip this step, protecting you from future breaches. Just make sure it's not critical for access.
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6 days ago
A quick actionable #PasswordDay Tweet you say? you should...
1. use a different password for each service
2. use a password manager
3. use 2nd Factor Authentication where possible
4. not use personal info
5. bookmark and check it frequently
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