Opera was launched in 1995 and is owned by Opera. The domain Opera.com was created on 2017-06-06.

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1 day ago
Have you ever tried to break a world record online? Cause Charlie did it - the longest squaaaaaawk by a rubber chicken🐔
2 days ago
FYI, this is Charlie.🐔Our personal browsing chicken & the new “social media guy” at Opera.
PS: our designer team was busy watching the Wild Wild Web. https://t.co/FZzAfc5gGx https://t.co/1sEuatFBHj
opera photo
2 days ago
When my manager spotted the typos in the previous tweet that I sent. https://t.co/27MQIOGHp4 opera photo
2 days ago
⚠️WARNING⚠️ The following video contains bizarre scenes & weird nosies. Make sure you turn down your volume in a friendly environment.🐔 https://t.co/ks21loYplv https://t.co/F30uKrjfZw
2 days ago
Our personal browser breaks one of the weirdest world records online, no joke, literality, the weirdest. Find out on the latest wild wild web: https://t.co/87LwctYVTi https://t.co/HM3YUV28Ux opera photo

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2 minutes ago
Do you know (and love) #TheLittlePrince ? Watch my chamber opera premiere on May 15th on my YouTube channel!

Here is a sneak peek! 👀🐑🤴✨

#lepetitprince #composition #opera #sneakpeek #storytelling #writer #composer #femaleartist https://t.co/IyH7fF4M6j
tashesque photo
17 minutes ago
Gracias @Radio10 por anunciar las las fecha de los recitales de @LucianoPereyra en el teatro #opera se lo. Agradecemos su fan de club @Juntosenlavida https://t.co/egseeuFhSp BiatrizGinter photo

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