Parallels was launched in 1999 and is owned by Parallels. The domain was created on 2000-11-20.

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IT cross-platform software will continue to evolve in the foreseeable future. Find out what challenges you're bound to encounter and how cross-platform has developed over the last few years:
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Don't let Microsoft Office (for Mac) stop you from excelling at all you do. #ParallelsDestop allows you to get everything out of a PC application without the PC.
Parallels RAS simplifies the process of connecting and publishing resources to an Azure Virtual Desktop, enabling an effortless setup experience.

Our @fberson explains the ease of setting up an Azure Virtual Desktop with #ParallelsRAS here:
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With #ParallelsDesktop, running Linux on a Macbook Pro 13 is a piece of cake. The icing on top? Coherence mode allows users to run Linux apps outside the main Parallels window, almost as if they were native to Mac. Read more in @xdadevelopers:
We’re pleased to announce that #ParallelsRAS has won three awards from the @trustradius Winter 2023 Best of Awards list:  

🏆Best Feature Set 
🏆Best Value for the Price 
🏆Best Relationship 

Read more about our exciting news here:
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Recording your screen has never been so easy - with just a click of a button, you can capture any area of your screen using the Capture Area tool inside #ParallelsToolbox! Like magic!

▶ Check it out:
🛠 See all included tools:
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#Parallels Desktop11で #アンドロイド を起動する様子。Android appがどれだけ動くか色々試してみる。 #Android x86 on #Mac OSX 10.11 El Capitan #パラレルズ bana_cell photo
Welp, Topps Living... It was a great run...

But today we lay you down to rest... You are no better than the rest of the crap now... #ThanksTopps #Parallels #TradingCards

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