Parallels was launched in 1999 and is owned by Parallels. The domain was created on 2000-11-20.

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🏆 BRB, putting another tweet up on the trophy shelf.

We appreciate you @augustl! 🙌
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Simply put, network infrastructure is all the hardware and software that makes up a network. Our latest blog digs deeper into the differences between network infrastructure and IT infrastructure. PLUS, what our Parallels RAS product can do for you! parallels photo
Parallels is excited to announce that our very own @fberson will be speaking at the @LoginVSI’s panel "The Future of End User Computing" on September 29 at 12:30 PM EST. Stop by and say hi!

Learn more here: #LoginVSIvision
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🎉 BIG NEWS! Parallels is now part of the new reimagined & rebranded parent brand, @helloalludo!

Alludo empowers all you do with a portfolio of trusted brands that help you enable, ideate, create, & share on any device, anywhere. Learn more: #HelloAlludo
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"It's ready for macOS 13 Ventura and already working with Windows 11, so it's a winner." 👏 Thanks for the 5-star review, @iMore!

Check out the full review of the enhanced features included in Parallels Desktop 18:
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Acabo de ver el episodio S01 | E04 de Parallels! #parallels 3 months 23 days 19 hours #tvtime Alber78vid photo
Running Linux through Parallels Desktop on your Mac system? Smart. But oh, those pesky "printer added" notifications at boot time! No worries, here's the fix: #mac #macos #linux #parallels @ParallelsMac DaveTaylor photo
Acabo de ver el episodio S01 | E01 de Parallels! #parallels 3 months 23 days 19 hours #tvtime Alber78vid photo
#Parallels 1x01: Ennyiből még bármi lehet, kb. az összes jelenet a kötelező időutazós/részecskegyorsítós sorozatokból érkező volt. Azok működtek, de még semmi újat nem villantott, csak a tinédzserek közti alapfelállát, drámai kapcsolatokat. a 2. rész (a 6-ból) dönt majd. 7/10 Necridus photo
#parallels テストしたけどメモリーが128GB以上じゃないとスムースに動かない。

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