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2 days ago
It's a lunar *neck massager*, and I'll thank you not to laugh Pinboard photo
3 days ago
My preferred solution to content moderation is a Facebook Oversight Boar. Spend ten minutes in his pen and your post can stay up.
3 days ago
The fact that there's verified official footage of UFOs and it's kind of become a running joke is remarkable.
3 days ago
I know they acquired mine like two hundred times
Pinboard photo
Derek Willis @derekwillis
The #PASEN campaign of @JohnFetterman raised $4M in Q1 but spent half of that, including $800k+ on email acquisition:

4 days ago
We should have known there would be a service pack
4 days ago
"Social audio app Clubhouse will let all six remaining users pay other creators starting Monday."

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9 hours ago
Love this! I've started a "Cavaliers in Art" pin-board on my Pinterest. Gave you a shoutout on the page description. Thank you! #Pinterest #pinboard #ckcs #dogsinart #artwork #doglovers #CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel
IndyAndCleo photo
Cavalier Health @CavalierHealth
CAVALIERS IN ART: “Tiny, a Blenheim Spaniel in the possession of Lord Mount Sandford, May 1837”, by James Edward Fitzgerald (British, 1818-1896).
1 day ago
Work in progress: My pinboard, featuring some stickers on my old computer case! 😄

#pins #nsp #gamegrumps #twrp #planetbooty #stickers #collection #pinboard @ Toronto, Ontario
3 days ago
SALE! Buy Discount #Themify #Pinboard #WordPress #Theme for only $9 Or subscribe to get unlimited access to 2,714 premium WordPress #themes & plugins for $17 #WordPressThemes
5 days ago
Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.
#Truth #pinboard #credo #programmer #developers #forthedev
forthedev photo

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