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Alright, I'm going to take a year off the twitters and see what else I can do with the time. Follow @idlewords for blog post notifications, for actual Pinboard stuff. Great Slate 2022: under no circumstances give any politicians money. See you all in 2023! Pinboard photo
RIP to former Senate majority leader Harry Reid, whose death at age 82 prematurely cuts short a promising future in Democratic politics
The better decision here would have been a Covid Bowl, with an asymptomatic bracket matched up against athletes who are mildly ill.

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An interesting tidbit in NASA's "Strategic Campaign Operations Plan for Exploration" is that they're trying to sneak building a second ISS in lunar orbit under the Congressional radar. The Gateway made no sense on its own, but it is just the seed for another modular space station Pinboard photo

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”Research: The Unintended Consequences of Pay Transparency“ #Pinboard

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