SiteGround was launched in 2004 and is owned by SiteGround Hosting Ltd.. The domain was created on 2004-03-22.

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17 hours ago
Our ✨Centralized DNS✨ service is here!
Its 5 geo locations & multiple instances ensure that:

🚀 Domains & sites load faster
🎯 #DNS redundancy is enhanced
🛡 #DDoSProtection is stronger
👨🏻‍💻 DNS control is easier

It works for new sites & we’ll 🔜 start switching old ones too 🙌
3 days ago
#WordPress 5.8 Tatum is here 🎉 You'll be able to try it out real soon. For clients who haven't opted out of our Autoupdater, #WP sites will get 5.8 in the next hours, as soon as we confirm the version's safe. What features are you excited about?
4 days ago
A great product is not always enough. Key #growth factor is a #landingpage tailored for #leads or #salesgeneration specifically. Meet product-led growth marketer @mikehale who’s perfected the art of highly effective landing pages & shares it now with you SiteGround photo
5 days ago
Did you know that one of the easiest ways to improve your site’s speed, enhance the user experience and boost your SEO is by optimizing your site’s media? 🤓

Watch @maugelves show you how to use the media optimization feature in the SiteGround Optimizer:
1 week ago
A critical #WooCommerce vulnerability has been detected 2 days ago. We have not detected any exploits on our platform, but our Security team has added new firewall rules to keep you covered. For max protection, please update your WooCommerce to the new security versions released.
1 week ago
Did you know that there is an efficient way to manage multiple #WP installations for your clients?😲 It’s called #WPCLI and it allows you to streamline your work and free up valuable resources!📚

Check some ways to use it in our blog post by @schlessera

Submissions from Interest by Google Trends on Twitter

2 hours ago
Testing our brand new high performance Wordpress website configurations this weekend 🚀🚀🚀

You cannot offer 'great customer experience' with a slow website

#Google #corewebvitals
#gtmetrix #webpagetest #pingdom #pagespeed insights
#shopify #siteground #cloudways #wix
3 hours ago
#Siteground Review : Is best fully managed cloud hosting?. .
1 day ago
#Siteground Review : Is best fully managed cloud hosting?. .

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