Tumblr was launched in 2007 and is owned by Tumblr. The domain Tumblr.com was created on 2006-06-08.

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9 hours ago
We all know and love @TheAmandaGorman from her moving poem during the Inauguration, but did you know she also founded a non-profit? Get the know the activist and poet laureate here: https://t.co/RVHhKIszfB

Original Portrait by Tumblr Creatr @nyanzad
2 days ago
Okay, now we are hungry. Thanks😋

cc: Daniele Barresi

#FoundOnTumblr https://t.co/ELd4j2dED2
tumblr photo
3 days ago
I wish I could record my dreams, and watch them later.

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