Twitter was launched in 2006 and is owned by Twitter, Inc.. The domain was created on 2000-01-21.

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now you can search for really important things in your DMs Twitter photo
we asked the engineers if we could pin a DM and they said NO! YOU CAN PIN SIX!
this Tweet is our Super Bowl commercial

Submissions from Interest by Google Trends on Twitter

🐦 FLASH - Elon Musk évoque 20 à 50% de faux comptes sur #Twitter, s’éloignant davantage d’un potentiel rachat du réseau social. (BFMTV) #ElonMuskBuyTwitter
@profgalloway @elonmusk I'm a HUGE fan of yours, but your commentary on Elon's "pursuit" of #twitter, as well as his intentions post-acquisition, seems to counter many of the #freemarket #freespeech values, beliefs, & principles you've espoused historically. #headscratcher
#twitter : 086a439b-1bad-434c-9e3a-72ae77e90510

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