Uber was launched in 2009 and is owned by Uber Technologies Inc.. The domain Uber.com was created on 1995-07-14.

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17 hours ago
And the winner is… Every nominee who stayed home instead of going to a big after party—stay safe everyone! 🏆✨👏
3 days ago
The @WhiteHouse has asked companies to step up in the fight against COVID-19. On top of our donation of 10 million rides to help underserved communities, we’re now providing even more free rides to help remove the transportation barrier to get vaccinated. https://t.co/KRZxgkdENY
3 days ago
Transportation shouldn't be a barrier to getting the vaccine. That’s why we're proud to be working with @Paypal and @Walgreens to provide millions of free rides for vulnerable populations across the US to help them get to a vaccination center. https://t.co/Uemj08ihaC
Uber photo
PayPal @PayPal
PayPal has committed $5 million to @Uber’s effort to provide free or discounted rides to vaccination sites in underserved U.S. communities as part of a coalition to address barriers to COVID-19 vaccine equity. https://t.co/spB8JUJszl https://t.co/9AWvGH8vdD
2 weeks ago
Our love language?
Acts of service.
Wear a mask.❤😷

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55 seconds ago
Ride-hailing major #Uber on Monday announced the launch of its 'Public Transport' journey planning feature in #Chennai which will allow riders in the city the option to plan their transit journey with service information and end-to-end directions all within the @Uber app. https://t.co/9AJP8Ja2Qq ians_india photo
2 minutes ago
Cette décision est difficilement compréhensible. L'enjeu majeur est que les chauffeurs #Uber soient, au plus vite, considérés comme des employés...mais interdire les commandes par smartphone pour les empêcher de travailler, je ne comprends pas.
https://t.co/5pf3QI1cgr @RTBFinfo
4 minutes ago
Ya estoy pensado tomar un #taxi 🚖que un @Uber_Chile cada día más caro y los autos como las weas .... adiós App #Uber

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