WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and is owned by WhatsApp Messenger. The domain WhatsApp.com was created on 2008-09-04.

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6 hours ago
WhatsApp + @bts_twt + writing a song over long distance = a song smooth like Butter 😉 https://t.co/aP0jfmmlVI
4 days ago
NO MORE FOMO. You won't miss a group call because you didn't get to the phone fast enough anymore! With Joinable calls on WhatsApp you can join an ongoing call at any time! https://t.co/UXcF18THu4
1 week ago
We believe people have a right to a private conversation because when privacy is guaranteed it’s easier to be yourself and connect safely. That's why end-to-end encryption is at the core of what we do. 🧵1/
2 weeks ago
Ehh... WhatsApp Doc? 🥕

Root for the Tune Squad and @KingJames in @spacejammovie with our exclusive sticker pack, available now on WhatsApp featuring Looney Tunes and the king himself. 👑🏀 Download here: https://t.co/oVA9fo8X5e https://t.co/iedfDR77bQ
2 weeks ago
Privacy is our love language. 💚 Fun iwọ nikan. https://t.co/b6IsyfAILy
3 weeks ago
Your personal messages? End-to-end encrypted by default. Always. Message Privately. https://t.co/afKU8Q3Voc

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23 seconds ago

De 119,90 Por 99,90

Aceitamos cartões ✔
#WhatsApp, 👉21990183258 ou 21993857921 📲

📌📌 Estrada Santa Maria , Rua Alfredo De Morais Costa , N° 31 https://t.co/LoJrjRpDPd
Douglascrf7 photo
3 minutes ago
Que les pasa a los limados que están compartiendo #video x #WhatsApp de un femicidio en los grupos de varones como si eso fuera gracioso. Tipos enfermos!!!
4 minutes ago
نوکریاں ہی نوکریاں جلدی کریں اب پہلا کام جاب کے لئے اپلائی
Khwaja Fareed University of Engineering & Information Technology Jobs Advertisement Latest
Jobs: Vacancy:355
Visit: Master Composing Point
#whatsapp #group 03006856703 #master #Composing #point #Tailwala #117/DB #Road
4 minutes ago
Join Pakistan Army as Captain
Location: Pakistan
Education:Bachelor, Intermediate, Master
Last Date:August 04, 2021
Visit: Master Composing Point
#whatsapp #group 03006856703 #master #Composing #point #Tailwala #117/DB #Road
7 minutes ago
#WhatsApp पर वायरल एक वीडियो में एक व्यक्ति द्वारा कोरोना महामारी और वैक्सीन से जुड़े कई भ्रामक दावे किए गए हैं।


ऐसी किसी अस्पष्ट सूचना/ व्हाट्सएप फॉरवर्ड को शेयर ना करें।

▶️मास्क ज़रूर पहने।
▶️कोविड अनुरूप व्यवहारों का पालन करें।
▶️टीकाकरण अवश्य कराएं। https://t.co/wQN4IVHNul
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