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For nearly 40 years, Queen Nzinga Mbande ruled 17th century-Angola and fought for the independence of her kingdoms against the Portuguese Empire.

She is remembered for her intelligence, diplomatic wisdom and brilliant military tactics: #BlackHistoryMonth
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Born out of the Négritude movement of the 1930s, #BlackIsBeautiful is a cultural movement that celebrates the beauty of Black people and dispels racial stereotyping.

Read more to learn about the roots of Black is Beautiful this #BlackHistoryMonth:
Ever wonder how fast you could make it from Wikipedia's article on "Jesus" to "Thinking about the immortality of the crab" using only our built-in links?

Where there's a will, there's a way.
The process of making Egyptian blue, the world's first synthetic pigment, was thought to be lost to history. But scientists analyzed its chemistry and figured out how to recreate it.
You likely would not survive a deep dive in Palau's Jellyfish Lake.


It has an anoxic layer with hydrogen sulfide that can be absorbed through your skin and cause death.

Learn more about the remarkable science at work underneath Jellyfish Lake:
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Whale aren’t you glad Idelisa Bonnelly created the first Humpback Whale sanctuary of the North Atlantic? So are we!

Read more about Bonnelly, the "mother of marine conservation in the Caribbean," this #LatinxHeritageMonth 🐳
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因みに #Wikipedia に於ける「蓮堤区」(ヨンジェグ)の記載は此方。上から #韓国語 版、 #日本語 版、 英語版です。(^_^)v↓
#Sat1 #Frühstücksfernsehen
#Geekfrage 🤓:
"Kennen Sie das #Lied:
... für jeden schönen #Morgen?"
🧐:"... Kürre edem...
... bir Tanna Yilderim!
#Natürlich, aber mein #Türkisch ist nicht perfekt!"
🤔:"Warum fragt Herr #Wikipedia dann nicht Frau #Google?"
🙄 #Namaste!
Two years ago I realised that trying to edit #Wikipedia pages on #Assange and @wikileaks was a waste of time and effort. So I started writing my own FREE online book instead. Feel free to use my content for your own Wikipedia updates! #WLhistory ramrod_rj photo

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