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18 hours ago
As of 2020, fewer than 1% of Wikipedia's editor base in the U.S. identify as Black or African American. We need everyone’s help to change that.

Read @Wikimedia COO @janeenuzzell's invitation for action: #WikiBlackHistory
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5 days ago
Today we learned that Wikipedia is roughly as old as the meme "all your base are belong to us." Wikipedia photo
5 days ago
Sam Oyeyele started with a mission: to write the history of Nigerian cinema into Wikipedia.

That's a big task—one he couldn't do alone.

And that's how Sam ended up creating a continent-wide contest. Read more about Sam and his remarkable story.
6 days ago
The color line in American baseball barred Black players from signing, but the successes of Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby on major league teams pushed the industry to gradually dissolve the discriminatory practice over the 1950s. #WikiBlackHistory #BHM Wikipedia photo
6 days ago
Dame Shirley Bassey's singing career is an international treasure of sorts, marked with invitations to Windsor Castle, several sold-out shows at Carnegie Hall, and a record-crushing seven consecutive decades on the UK charts. #WikiBlackHistory #BHM
6 days ago
Contest time!

@BlackLunchTable is working to increase information about Black artists across Wikimedia platforms. Want to join and win prizes?

Check it out ➡️

📸:, CC BY-SA 4.0.
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29 seconds ago
One of the first #Wikipedia editathons I ever attended was with ⁦ @afroCROWDit⁩ in person ⁦ @SchomburgCenter⁩ with a ⁦ @cunyitp⁩ classmate. Glad to be back with ⁦ @NYULibraries⁩. @SherryAntoine7⁩ talks editing guts, nuts and bolts. ⁦ @nyuprograminla jojokarlin photo
6 minutes ago
Heute vor genau 64 Jahren verstarb #Giraffe »Rieke«, die nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg als einziges evakuiertes Tier in den @zooberlin zurückkehrte🦒. Heute ist ihr Skelett in einer unserer Bibliotheken zu bestaunen ➡️
Auch ist Rieke in #Wikipedia vertreten😉
v_i_o_l_a photo
8 minutes ago
Participez au concours photo WikiLovesAfrica sur le thème de la Santé au Sénégal, et gagnez jusqu'à 1000$ en illustrant #Wikipédia !
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10 minutes ago
I saw this photo & decided that @FionaCMcQueen, the Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland needed her own #Wikipedia article.

Amazing to see these 4 leading Scotland's response to #covid19scotland. Fiona was a @WikiWomenInRed No one had started her article
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