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Supercar Makers Skid Into EV Era Lamborghini has grown rapidly in recent years within the Volkswagen group, but now needs to confront battery technology and more competition from Ferrari. #Market by #TheWallStreetJournal
A 12-Year-Old Girl Sparks Debate on Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids in Mexico Zulma Gonzalezs widely watched video challenging Mexicos coronavirus czar pushed Mexico to vaccinate up to 1 million at-risk minors. #Global by #TheWallStreetJournal
High Inflation Creates Tax Winners and Losers While take-home pay could climb for many in January, some taxpayers will feel the pinch of tax provisions that dont change as prices rise. #Business by #TheWallStreetJournal
Digital Etiquette Is Changing. Here Are 7 Ways to Stay Up to Date Is your email style or wariness of QR codes making you seem older than your years? These tips will keep you from coming across like a digital dinosaur. #Technology by #TheWallStreetJournal
TheUnlikelyOutsiders Who Won the Race for a Covid-19 Vaccine Uur ahin and Stphane Bancel were long underestimated by investors and scientists. But when Covid-19 threatened the globe, these two unknowns had a solution. #Business by #TheWallStreetJournal
Haiti Overwhelmed by Wave of Kidnappings Kidnapping has become the great equalizer, as violent gangs target resident of both mansions and hovels, and all classes, ages and walks of life. #Global by #TheWallStreetJournal

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