YaCy was launched in 2005 and is owned by YaCy. The domain YaCy.net was created on 2004-06-30.

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本番後の連休から9末の年休消化でダイヤモンドアートに取り組んでいました!30cm×40cmでたぶん計15hくらい。細かい地道な作業が意外と好きなので合ってる気がするw https://t.co/DY1msjnGk7 yacy photo

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Gags nandon din si YASser #yacy ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭 love you!!


MAINExBench FashionWeek
@mainedcm | #MaineMendoza https://t.co/3pNofiJXie
07_28_22_cutie photo
Doing a Backup now.
Here is the #PiHole with #YaCy Crawling to a Depth of 3
On a 12 year old Notebook. https://t.co/Vb3TfSWrsE
smokingwheels photo
holy shit why didn't anyone ever tell me about #YaCy https://t.co/MxLDs18eHk
@smokingwheels @The_Pi_Hole @yacy_search It's a great pity that a good software like #hazelcast is phoning home and therefore makes it unusable for a privacy-aware software like #YaCy https://t.co/rlhQt4iFx1 Even if they are transparent about it: why is that necessary at all? It’s not only a bad habit, it’s a danger!

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