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11 months ago
Facebook currently has a bug affecting users trying to share to a Page they manage:

"User opted out of platform: The action attempted is disallowed, because the user has opted out of Facebook platform."

We filed a bug report and their engineering team is working on a fix.
2 years ago
Facebook has a new centered "f" logo, nice. 🧐
Facebook encroaching on AddToAny blue… 🤨
AddToAny photo
2 years ago
Facebook's share counts API changed today, so Facebook counters have been showing 0 shares in many cases. AddToAny deployed a fix, so Facebook share counts will be back over the next couple days as the update rolls out.
2 years ago
“AddToAny is the fastest growing social widget for the second year in a row.” 🎉
3 years ago
Missing share counts after switching your site to HTTPS or changing URLs? Get your counts back with AddToAny Share Count Recovery!

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