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4 minutes ago
Newly obtained body camera footage shows the moment DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone was brutally assaulted while defending the US Capitol during the January 6 insurrection.
21 minutes ago
What will it take to convince more Americans of the need to address systemic racism? Join @WKamauBell as he explores the most challenging issues facing the country today, #UnitedShades airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET/PT
48 minutes ago
"Moments after being demoted by her Republican colleagues, Liz Cheney vowed to drag her party out of Trump's clutches. Judging by the truth-mocking antics of the caucus that turned against her, she has a long, lonely slog ahead." Analysis by @StCollinson
1 hour ago
Americans could soon see milestones like a full return to in-person classrooms now that Covid-19 vaccinations are open to young teens, the director of the CDC said.
2 hours ago
Two people have been banned from the Great Wall of China after trespassing onto an undeveloped section of the ancient structure, the operator of the wall's Mutianyu section said
2 hours ago
As the Israeli military and Palestinian militants in Gaza exchange deadly airstrikes and rocket bombardments, rioting and violent clashes have also swept through several Israeli cities between Arab and Jewish citizens.

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1 minute ago
$FDBL Friendable Sees Big Increases as Its Fan Pass Live Streaming Platform Tops 300 Artist Sign-Ups Midway Through March 2021
#wsj #nytimes #business #reuters #IHub_StockPosts #forbes #marketwatch #cnn #bet #foxnews #latimes #Benzinga
Valusocial photo
1 minute ago
TRUTH! 1997 #Eritrea demobilized 54,000 battled hardened troops from service. UN gave its support to the program, while Marxist Leninist League of Tigray issued a new map to declare war on #Eritrea 1998 #CNN #BBC #UNSC #HRC47 #UNHRC #UNSG #EU #AU #Ethiopia エリトリア エチオピア
3 minutes ago
Gorky Muñoz Calderón Gorky Muñoz Calderón aquí está tu vándalo infiltrado. Te doy mi cuenta nequi o bancolombia para mis 20milloncitos? Gracias

BolanosHerman photo
4 minutes ago
What a privilege to work with these incredible journalists. @RishabhMPratap @ElizabethCNN and Scottie McWhinnie- thank you so much. #cnn #varanasi #IndiaCovidCrisis SawLinhtut1 photo
6 minutes ago
War in Israel and all @cnn can do is go after trump #cnn #IsraelUnderAttack

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