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The greenback cutthroat trout, Colorado’s state fish, was declared extinct over 50 years ago. But last week officials found the first confirmation that the trout are once again reproducing in the wild.
California has become the latest state to provide its residents with an eco-friendly option for their remains after death: composting
With global markets teetering on edge, these are the five key trends signaling the world is likely headed for an economic downturn | Analysis
Ringo Starr has postponed at least two tour dates over an undisclosed ailment
Would you pay $1000 for something you can only wear online?
Arizona Cardinals defensive end JJ Watt underwent treatment for atrial fibrillation earlier this week, he revealed in a social media post

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@HilliardSchools are you going to make a public statement admitting or denying that you have #groomers on staff? If you do, you will fire them, correct?

#cnn #Tucker #FoxNews #teachersUnions #firethem #teachthemyoung #teacherfetish #doyourjob #stayAwayFromOurKids #libsoftiktok
It is unbelievable how the liberal western media are silent about the women’s revolution in Iran. #cnn #MahsaAmini

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