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9 minutes ago
In cities across the US, and between the walls of some of the world's largest enterprises, there is a swelling of union organizing activity that has been propelled by the pandemic and the recession.
17 minutes ago
About 100,000 American families would be subject to the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act, which would raise around $3 trillion over a decade, according to an analysis provided by the lawmakers who sponsored the bill.
24 minutes ago
The slow and contentious process of getting some of Biden's top picks confirmed is leading progressive groups to question whether his nominees of color are facing a higher level of scrutiny than White male nominees of past admins | Analysis by @MaeveReston
45 minutes ago
Senate Democrats have decided to abandon an alternative proposal to penalize companies for not providing a $15 minimum wage to their employees, according to a person involved in the talks.
1 hour ago
Trade ties between Australia and China worsened over the past year as the two countries became mired in a diplomatic dispute. Now it appears those problems, and the pandemic, are also hitting investment.
1 hour ago
Prince Harry has likened his "unbelievably tough" split from the royal family to the experience of his mother, Princess Diana, in the first clips from Oprah Winfrey's sit-down interview with Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

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