CNN was launched in 1980 and is owned by CNN. The domain was created on 1993-09-22.

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Should you feel guilty about not tipping? An etiquette expert weighs in.
For a player who is usually so lethal in front of goal, it has taken the forward longer than many expected for him to find the net with his new club Al Nassr
Italian anti-Mafia police have arrested another mobster on the run. This time it was Edgardo Greco, 63, who was apprehended in Saint-Etienne, France, where he was working as a pizzaiolo – or pizza chef.
Five players were ejected after a fight, in which punches were thrown and almost every player on the court was involved, marred the Orlando Magic’s 127-120 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves
Former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon has failed to land the spot in representing Ireland with his band in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest
30-year-old Bobi has been named the world's oldest ever dog

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@CNN You can always count on CNN for the hard hitting investigative news stories that keep Democracy alive.

Summary: Don't be a freaking Jerk, Tip your server at least 15% of the Pre Tax Bill.

#VIDEO: El periodista de #CNN Guillermo Galdós estuvo en #Juliaca informando algo aterrador: "Hoy hablamos con la policía y nos han dicho que ellos estaban autorizados para abrir fuego"
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#TAG: #DinaAsesinaRenunciaYa #DinaRenunciaYa Cusco
tumbesbolibar7 photo
Alexander, il bimbo con mamma russa che ha aiutato il rifugiato ucraino, e gli altri piccoli 29 «Alfieri della Repubblica» #corriere #news #2022 #italy #world #cnn #notizie #war #ucraina #7maggio #martedi #sabato #sport #tv - Homepage Luxgraph photo
米テレビ局CNNの1月16〜22日までの1週間の視聴者数が過去9年間の最低水準を記録したことが、米調査会社「ニ […] #CNN #ジェフ・ザッカー #FOXニュース  もう終わりの時は来たんだよ・・今までの偏向報道で世界を騙してたことを悔いろ!!

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