Diigo was launched in 2006 and is owned by Diigo. The domain Diigo.com was created on 2004-12-22.

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Sorry, something went wrong with Diigo extension earlier. Issue has been resolved a few hours ago. Please try again. Our sincere apologies for the troubles and concerns caused.
There's an issue with dragging text from a web page into an outliner in the sidebar in Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98. We're looking into this issue. Please try using Diigo extension on Firefox for now.
Server issue resolved. Please try again and let us know if you encounter any problems.
There's an issue with our server and we're trying to fix it ASAP. It's impossible to add bookmarks for now. Sorry for the inconveniences!
We are giving our thanks to Diigo fans with 50% off on the professional plan for the first year https://t.co/XbCC9D1T7v . If you already upgraded without the discount this November, let us know and we will give you the same discount.
We experienced an issue with our domain hosting provider. It is solved and Diigo is back. If you still can't access https://t.co/7oZoWatCHA, please clear your local DNS record or just wait several hours for the DNS record to take effect worldwide.

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Interaktive Lerneinheit: René Descartes – V. 0.1 – Gedanken – Ideen – Artefakte https://t.co/t7yI0PiV1f Ethik, Philosophie, Descartes, Philosophen, Interaktiv, H5P, CC #ifttt #diigo
昔々から使っている #Diigo というブックマークサービス、最近ずっと調子悪くて、レスポンスも悪いし使えない機能あるしサポートに連絡しても反応ないし、もしかしたらもうメンテすらされていない?乗り換え待ったなしか…

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