Bootstrap was launched in 2011 and is owned by Bootstrap. The domain was created on 2012-01-10.

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1 year ago
How @LEGO_Group bootstrapped (and rebootstrapped!), only arriving at its special ‘automatic binding bricks’ in 1958, 26 years after its founding. #bootstrap #journey
6 years ago
Three core bootstraps of the last 500 years: scientific method (phenomenon), democracy (rights), capitalism (resources).
6 years ago
Shortcuts will generally make your trip longer.
6 years ago
Thanks Doug Engelbart for bootstrapping the Mother of all Demos on Dec 9, 1969: Watch:
6 years ago
Thanks Ralph Baer for bootstrapping the video game industry!

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11 minutes ago
Five years ago I taught Bootstrap circles of evaluation to First graders. Those same first graders still perform at the top of their class! #bootstrap

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