GoDaddy was launched in 1997 and is owned by GoDaddy Inc.. The domain was created on 1999-03-01.

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2 days ago
So happy to be part of your journey, Birralee. We're thrilled you found your website solution with us. 😊 GoDaddy photo

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3 hours ago
It should be a paying customers choice if to contact provider like #GoDaddy on phone (only option in India & irritating), written - ticketing, contact form, chat with human with CC. Yes, one option can be more prompt, but how is it even legal to prevent a written track entirely.
3 hours ago
#GoDaddy does not have a ticketing support, no email. Chat function with function to email self a copy is disabled on India site @GoDaddy_India, some strategy decision of @nikhil_arora17.
SwayamShaswat photo
Shaswat @SwayamShaswat
Why @GoDaddy provides emailID only when it sees chance to expand revenue/investment - events, advert etc.For customer issues there is only phone or customer chat. #Godaddy writes "noreply" emails but does not facilitate customer keeping record of written support @DoC_GoI @DIPPGOI

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