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Starting a #blog can be an intimidating experience—especially if you’ve never built a website. Fortunately, starting a blog is simpler than you think. In a couple of hours, you can go from having never built a #website to having a fully functional blog.
Are you seeing a decline in your #website traffic no matter how many blog posts you produce? Do you want to optimize your site without spending money on marketing agencies? If so, here are ten tips to boost #SEO and start the upcoming new year right.
The holidays are so close, which means your new #eCommerce store should be ready to rock the #holiday season. Now it’s time for a final check to ensure your eCommerce store is ready to handle customer traffic and orders without having a holiday meltdown.
#Holiday shoppers are busy, want quick answers and tend to flee if a store doesn’t have the info they need to make a decision fast. Here are the ways you can bring your #customerservice A game this winter, even if you’re a customer service team of one.
eCommerce fraud can be a big problem even for small online stores. Luckily there are options for putting fraud protection in place or beefing up the protection you already have, so you and your customers can enjoy the season.
The #holidays are fast approaching, and although we're looking forward to all things merry and bright, we need to discuss an issue that — like Scrooge or the Grinch — can drain the joy from your holiday season: #eCommerce fraud. HostGator photo

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