Hover was launched in 2008 and is owned by Hover. The domain Hover.com was created on 1996-07-12.

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Not sure what name to choose for your website? Check out our tips on choosing the right domain name for your brand or business.
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Domains can be pretty expensive, but you can get yours much cheaper than https://t.co/jEOpcxjLUe when you check out Hover!
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Last month Facebook released its latest Widely Viewed Content Report with a list of the top 20 domains seen across the platform in the US during Q2 2022. Can you guess which domains made the list?
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Before Yahoo, Google and Bing, there was Mosaic! We were pretty close to “Mosaic-ing” instead of “Googling” what our own domain should be. But you can take your pick in just a few clicks. Visit https://t.co/9W83pv6C7u for more.
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Check out our interview with @JoshGrisdale, the founder of https://t.co/6ROS8Ee2A2, a community dedicated to accessible travel. Read the full interview below 👇 @TabiFolk

Over the past decade Google has removed more than five billion ‘infringing’ URLs from its search results. A few days ago the company hit a new milestone after receiving DMCA notices for more than four million unique domain names.
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Going Live NOW!! Check out the Nip Drip live in 4k! Vibing to music get your song requests in!ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ !! #hover #twitch #streamer #lgbtqia+ #alphabetmafia #music

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