Hover was launched in 2008 and is owned by Hover. The domain Hover.com was created on 1996-07-12.

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💡Hover Feature of the Week💡
This week we're shining the spotlight on https://t.co/ReYZq1dalH! A perfect example of an idea brought to life through hard work, persistence, and a little help from domains. Check them out for your custom designed furniture needs! https://t.co/0sz6bm7Esl
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Celebrate 5 years of .ART by taking a look at some of the top reasons and best use cases for the domain! Visit https://t.co/9QtrY6Xxpx to get yours today 🎨

Check out what Cory McCabe, founder of @BehindTheFilm_ @corymccabefilms, had to say about us 🙌
Visit https://t.co/uXXp86HBo6 to turn your next film into a profitable marketing campaign.
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How to lead an effective brainstorm with your team in just a few easy steps ✔️ Check out our best tips for brainstorming whether it's a solo session or with your team.

Hover is a proud supporter of ideas of all kind. From artists and creators to entrepreneurs and business owners, we love to see domain names like @eCoalitions come to life. Visit https://t.co/0F2a8mixTI for a variety of technical consulting services for your brand or business! https://t.co/kxv2PzbK2h hover photo

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There's always joke tiktok vs twitch which is better ? Shall we run a fun tournament between us all ? #twitch #streamer #TikTok #smallstreamer #shorts #hover #twitchstreamer

Is an amazing place to meet new & fantastic streams, a place to connect and make great friends ! As well as do the things we love !!! Gaming & entertainment

#hover #streamer #entertainment #Game
Very good morning happy Tuesday

Thankyou very much we have hot 100 followers on @ShareOnHover #hover https://t.co/bxxVWA1aDZ
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