Hover was launched in 2008 and is owned by Hover. The domain Hover.com was created on 1996-07-12.

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5 days ago
What do you use your website for?
1 week ago
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2 weeks ago
What's the best thing about owning your own domain?
3 weeks ago
Do you really need "WWW" in your URL? Find out below!


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2 hours ago
[Pro Tip: Use Hover Text on Mac]
When you enable Hover Text on your Mac, you can move the pointer over something on the screen and display a high-resolution zoomed version of it in a separate window. More... https://t.co/i1p0dcFpd9 #Apple #MacTips #MacBook #Mac #Macs #Hover #Tips https://t.co/oO0GmyLBeT
LotusTechPros photo
14 hours ago
It’s all about choice. Check out the hundreds of domain names to find the perfect one for your big idea! https://t.co/2h7dqvzJwN #domainnames #hover
17 hours ago
Non c'est faux je n'ai pas fini Hover une nouvelle fois... #Hover #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/iMH5PsKYtD NekudaTF photo
24 hours ago
Anyone else cringe when someone hovers? ....I feel so bad but my poor husband DO NOT HOVER please. Am I alone in this feeling? I can’t stand someone literally standing over my shoulder watching what I’m doing contributing nothing. Don’t #hover any hoverers out there? Why?

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