LinkedIn was launched in 2002 and is owned by Linkedin. The domain was created on 2002-11-02.

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14 hours ago
“There are a lot of obstacles that you face in just combating these often negative stereotypes that people have about people who look like me…” See how Olympic medalist @IbtihajMuhammad changed the future of sport: #ConversationsForChange LinkedIn photo
17 hours ago
If all you do today is choose to left, center or right justify your name on your resume, that counts as a small step forward.

Tomorrow, font size.
3 days ago
Pardon the interruption everyone. We're back on track now. Unconfirmed reports indicate it might have been Agatha all along. 🎶
4 days ago
Sean Jordan asked, “How do we — young, Black professionals — bring our most confident, authentic, and instinctive selves forward?”

@tylerperry's answer: there should be no compromises. Watch more: #ConversationsForChange
7 days ago
Opportunity is a message away.
1 week ago
Take a small step and try these 15 (free) courses to help meet your goals: LinkedIn photo

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49 seconds ago
🔴 Cómo usar #LinkedIn encontrar clientes potenciales y así vender más.

#redesSociales #ventas
51 seconds ago
How to Removed LinkedIn Sponsored Messages from Your Inbox

If you haven’t been on LinkedIn lately, you’re missing out. They’ve gone above and beyond to inundate you with advertisements.

#linkedin #advertising #badDMs #invasiveads
3 minutes ago
De los más de 815.000 venezolanos universitarios registrados en @LinkedIn, el 45% se ha ido del país a:

🇪🇸 58.000
🇺🇸 58.000
🇨🇱 55.000
🇨🇴 36.000
🇦🇷 36.000

Con datos de #LinkedIn Febrero 2021
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