Material Design was launched in 2014 and is owned by Google LLC. The domain was created on 2013-10-04.

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✅ New year, new components.

These components can redefine how users navigate in and interact with your apps.

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💡Unlock new possibilities with type.

@IamLiam and Google Fonts Specialist @Davelab6 explore what digital type can teach us about digital production, emotional expression, and where we fit in the world as designers.

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Top 5 Takeaways at Android Dev Summit?

✅ Updated site
✅ Relay launch
✅ Stable release for Material Components
✅ Android View 1.7.0 stable release
✅ M3 design kit updates, oh my!

What are you the most excited about?
😅 No design gatekeeping allowed.

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What is Flutter?

💻 @FlutterDev is a framework for building beautiful apps from a single codebase for any screen size.

Learn how to bring Material 3 to Flutter here ➡️
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⚡️2023 is all about you.

What type of content would you like to see from us this year?

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