Material Design was launched in 2014 and is owned by Google LLC. The domain was created on 2013-10-04.

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🆕 Material Design 3 has new features!

The latest update includes personalization and accessibility features that put people at the center.

Start using the latest features here →
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🎉 Introducing the Material Symbols plugin!

Designers can now easily search and add symbols in Figma, creating a more efficient design workflow.

Get the plugin here →
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#GoogleIO has come and gone again.

But not to worry — you can still catch all of our content on demand.

Thanks for joining! 💜

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👉Get to know Senior Visual Designer on Material Design, @Seheely.
Learn more bout her work, the Material Symbols project, and what it’s like to design something ✨iconic.
Hear from her ⬇️⬇️
What if you could generate custom variations of a typeface (every style, width, or weight) from a single font file? 🤯

Well you can! Learn from @ljmacfadyen and @rodydavis in this demo. →
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☝️With a new design system like Material 3 comes new guidance!

📂 Check out our newly updated guidelines for components, foundation, and styles. →
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Abusing Flutter 3 Material Design 3 Shadows For Aweseome Design #flutter #materialdesign

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