Microsoft was launched in 1975 and is owned by Microsoft Corporation. The domain was created on 1991-05-02.

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11 hours ago
Microsoft Build.
Can bring your own snacks.
Microsoft photo
12 hours ago
It's a challenging job market, but Career Coach in Microsoft Teams for Education is here to help the students of today become the workforce of tomorrow. 💼

Learn how:
15 hours ago
Geography shouldn't limit possibility.

That's why Xbox created Game Camps to increase diversity and equity in the next generation of game developers: 🎮
17 hours ago
How many times have you played (lost) the game of Minesweeper?
2 days ago
*Opens Microsoft Teams*

*sets status message*

If my indicator is red it means I’m either busy or busy.

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1 minute ago
The second phase of construction work on a new building for US tech giant #Microsoft started in #SIP on May 7, covering a construction area of 34,000 square meters. RahulSh02693868 photo
3 minutes ago
My free webinar “Getting started with #Microsoft #AzureAD Verifiable Credentials” is live on Thursday May 20 15:00 GMT. I’ll provide a comprehensive introduction to the new service and show you how to create and verify your own VCs. didgtd photo
3 minutes ago
I’m thinking for launching minecraft at my school as after school club. Anyone got any tips or experience or microsoft education version #asktwitter #minecraft #Microsoft
4 minutes ago
#Microsoft hat angekündigt, #Azure #Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) abzuschalten. Hintergründe für die Entscheidung sind nicht bekannt. Der Konzern empfiehlt, bis zum 10. September um­zu­ziehen.

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