Microsoft was launched in 1975 and is owned by Microsoft Corporation. The domain was created on 1991-05-02.

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2 days ago
Fly a drone, make it snow, or challenge an AI model.

Explore how innovation will empower you to transform the world around us in one of our most interactive keynotes ever, Envisioning Tomorrow with @MitraAzizirad: #MSIgnite
2 days ago
Fuel targets. Space Warp Rollover. Gravity Well. Hyperspace Kickout. The ultimate Pinball. #RetroDay
3 days ago
"Does anyone have any questions?" followed by the longest 7 seconds of awkward silence.

3 days ago
"Every company has become a software company, and will be soon becoming an AI company."

Dive into the new AI Business School podcast with host David Carmona, general manager for #AI and innovation at Microsoft:
3 days ago
The Uncovering Talent model presents a new alternative to inclusion efforts within the workforce.

Explore the report from Dr. Christine Smith and #Include2021 speaker Prof. Kenji Yoshino:
3 days ago
You: I’m going to pay attention to every word mentioned in this Microsoft Teams meeting.

Also you: Wow, look at how cute my dog is.

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2 minutes ago
#MSIgnite J-1 ! ⏱ Dès demain, venez discuter des dernières technologies du #Cloud ☁ avec nos experts #Microsoft

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