Microsoft was launched in 1975 and is owned by Microsoft Corporation. The domain was created on 1991-05-02.

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There are endless ways to play your favorite games, including with a side of pancakes.

Don’t miss the Xbox-inspired menu @IHOP:
What do you think your job will look like in 2030?

Dive into thoughts from Microsoft EVP @youngdchris on the future of work:
Walk? ✔️
Sit? ✔️
Dance? Almost!

This isn’t show dog training, this is robot training.

Inside the research teaching humanoids to move:
Did you know 75% of students who are blind or low vision are at least one grade behind their peers in math?

@NWEA created a tool to make math more accessible:
We're bringing fans closer to the game than ever before with the @NBA. 🏀
To: basketball fans, tech lovers
Cc: @NBA
Subject: dropping soon 👀

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