Microsoft was launched in 1975 and is owned by Microsoft Corporation. The domain was created on 1991-05-02.

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Flexibility is key.

At home, in the office, or in a local coffee shop, use new tools like voice clarity and Windows 365 Offline for a seamless experience:
“We’re here to celebrate and fuel the hype for women’s basketball exactly how it is.”

How Natalie White is changing the game with @moolahkicks:
Sustainability sticker shock?

Why decarbonization doesn’t cost as much as you might think:
“This is technology with a human heart.” ❤️

How the cloud built a community of caretakers across New Zealand:
Now, we can be even more excited getting that “out for delivery” email.

How retailers are building a greener supply chain 🚚 ♻:
If you could have a Microsoft Teams meeting with any three people, who would they be?

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New video on Microsoft Azure YouTube channel! How to get started with Unity #microsoft #azure
#US Companies leaving Russia that need to be re-branded. Here are some ideas. What are yours?
#Microsoft MicroPutin
Meta-owned #Facebook PutinFace
#Apple Lemongrad
#Dell DildoPutin
#TikTok TinyTutin
#EA Games Ruskigames
#Oracle Orfus
#YouTube PutinTube
#McDonalds McPutin
bcnsocialnews photo
Ma che tipo di dati obbligatori sono quelli che si possono disattivare? #Microsoft #sysadmin phidotexe photo

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