BBC was launched in 1922 and is owned by British Broadcasting Corporation. The domain was created on 1989-07-15.

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Oh hello, business Thursdays 🤓

Join us every Thursday for back-to-back #DragonsDen and #TheApprentice on #iPlayer

Creator: @Dave5Wol
‘It’s a dirty word, isn’t it, ageing’

Helena Bonham Carter joined @BBCNuala on @BBCWomansHour to discuss the pressures female actors face as they age and how the older she gets, the happier she feels. Listen to the full interview here ⬇️🎧
"You shouldn't have to put up with this... I'm speaking up for you and I'm saying this isn't right."

@ematack #EmilyAtack #AskingForIt #iPlayer
Having experienced years of online sexual harassment, @EmAtack speaks to two experts on how society needs to change for the messages to stop.

#EmilyAtack #AskingForIt #iPlayer
Go behind the scenes with our 15 Seconds of Fame extras, who enjoyed time on the sets of @bbcstrictly, @BBCCasualty and @bbceastenders. #15SecondsOfFame #BBC100
After years of sexual harassment online, @EmAtack is questioning why people send explicit messages and how society can stop it.

Watch Emily Atack: Asking For It? on @BBCiPlayer from 31 Jan #EmilyAtack #AskingForIt #iPlayer

Submissions from Interest by Google Trends on Twitter

-Islamic State bride Shamima Begum was declared dangerous & #Britain revoked her citizenship
-She knowingly joined ISIS & used to sew bomb into suicide vests
-But #BBC dedicated 10-episode podcast glorifying her &calling her victim
-After public outcry they called her narcissist
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#BBL12 #BBLFinals #CricketTwitter

Heat 170+✔️
Perth Chased it ✔️

Fast 9 Wkts ✔️💥
Spin 1 Wkt

Accuracy 95%
Life Time Validity 🛑

#AskSRK #Leo #AK62 #BBC
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Live from BBC headquarters in #Birmingham.

Mass protests by the British Hindu & Indian diaspora against BBC's anti-Modi documentary & continued anti-Hindu & anti-india bias & propaganda.

#BBC #BBCBias #BBCPropaganda #DefundTheBBC #BoycottBBC #india #hindus #Hinduphobia #Modi
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