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"Even if you do a close, careful read of a privacy policy before signing up for a digital mental health program, and even if you feel really comfortable with that policy — sike, the company can go back and change that policy whenever they want."
Via @verge
How can we bring about systemic change and build a future of equality and kindness? 🌱

Join @biglovely1, @adriennemaree and @jbobalotta Tuesday, May 17th in @MozillaHubs for a #MozFest virtual Parable Path to learn more.

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We surveyed 28 builders implementing alternative approaches to #DataGovernance to find out more about their needs and the challenges they face in their work.

Here's what they told us ⤵️
In Kenya, @Twitter and @Meta fail to outline how they will combat misinformation and disinformation during elections.

Mozilla's @kofiemeritus in @kofiemeritus
We reviewed 32 mental health and prayer apps, and awarded 28 our #PrivacyNotIncluded warning label 😲

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Ask our #PrivacyNotIncluded researchers in a @reddit_AMA May 12th, 2022 11:30 AM ET. #AMA
“The vast majority of mental health and prayer apps are exceptionally creepy.

They track, share, and capitalize on users’ most intimate personal thoughts and feelings..."

#PrivacyNotIncluded lead @caltrider in @verge 🔻

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