MSN was launched in 1995 and is owned by MSN. The domain was created on 1994-11-10.

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This viral video of unmasked NYPD officers is just the tip of the iceberg
Uganda explosion: Several people injured after blast
Hong Kong Marathon runners forced to change, cover 'political' slogan: reports
Gun safety protocols are rigid on film and TV sets. This 'should never have happened.'
Why Are There Christian Crosses in Jewish Graves From Ancient Rome?

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Erdogan julisti Suomen suurlähettilään ei-toivotuksi yksin? #msn #uutiset
Norge får nøkkelrolle på klimatoppmøtet: Skal lede forhandlingene om «butikken» #nyheter #msn
#firsttweet dopo anni..
Sensazione alla pari di riaprire #msn se fosse ancora possibile..
Alvorlig for tenåring og mann i 20-årene som ble knivstukket i Trondheim #nyheter #msn

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