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Freed Sudanese convict in a U.S. diplomat killing apologizes to family Reuters photo
Why are Peruvian politics such a mess? Inside the halls of its Congress Reuters photo
The U.S. unemployment rate fell to a more than 53-1/2-year low of 3.4% and average hourly earnings also climbed, signaling a labor market that remains robust and resilient in the face of higher interest rates and fears of recession
China records 3,278 COVID-related deaths between Jan 27 and Feb 2 Reuters photo
U.S. weighs sanctions for Chinese companies over Iran surveillance buildup - WSJ Reuters photo
California startup Heirloom Carbon Technologies, which uses rocks to soak up carbon dioxide from the air, has teamed up with Canadian company CarbonCure to mineralize the greenhouse gas in concrete

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Las exportaciones que reporta #reuters para #PDVSA Enero’2023, no son del todo correctas, al incluir unos 25,000 BPD exportados por #Chevron. En realidad la novatada de #Tellechea originó un desplome en las exportaciones del 22% hacia 533,400 BPD en promedio.
According the #Reuters, the Taliban killed at least 35 Hazara civilians along with 7000 (Seven thousands) IDP from Jaghori and Malistan to Ghazni, Bamyan and Kabul after the fear of collective massacre prevailed in districts. @Reuters @UN #StopHazaraGenocide mhr_rahimi photo

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