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WATCH: Former soccer player Didier Drogba is the WHO's new goodwill ambassador
South Korea's Ko edges Lim in playoff to win BMW Ladies Championship Reuters photo
China says 76% of population have received complete doses of COVID-19 vaccines Reuters photo
ICYMI: Russian film director Klim Shipenko said he was up for making a movie on the moon or even Mars after returning from 12 days of shooting aboard the International Space Station that transformed his ideas about the possibilities of cinema
WATCH: Representatives from nearly 200 countries will meet in Glasgow, Scotland, at the end of October to strengthen action to tackle global warming under the 2015 Paris Agreement. Here are the key climate issues that need resolution at the #COP26 conference
WATCH: Actor Johnny Depp met Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade and signed autographs for fans waiting outside

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● NEWS ● #Reuters #Surveillance #Privacy ☞ EXCLUSIVE Dutch forensic lab says it has decoded Tesla's driving data
● NEWS ● #Reuters #Surveillance #Privacy ☞ EXCLUSIVE Dutch forensic lab says it has decoded Tesla's driving data
Where are the #MotiBrothers South Africa Please come forward with information. Somebody knows something. #Hawks #saps must hunt the #kidnappers down and finally put an end to this evil. Let's find them #mossad #INTERPOL #MI6 #Limpopo #Gauteng #Ethekwini #sabcnews #Reuters #cnn
🖤October 23, 1956 Hungary. Revolution. We remember the dead. In a live TV show in America a few days later, ELVIS PRESLEY asked the Americans that Hungary needed help and thanked the donation with a song in the show. #IDWP #Hungary #photograpy #reuters #media #photographer ElamerMalek photo

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