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    Wikipedia a multilingual, web-based, free encyclopedia based on a model of openly editable and viewable content, a wiki.
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    Internet Archive is a digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites and a wayback machine. Screenshot

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Wikipedia has been blocked in Pakistan.

Today, Pakistan’s Telecommunications Authority blocked @Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in the country.

Follow the thread for more information 🧵⬇️ (1/4)
“Without Section 230, Wikipedia could not exist.”

Our Associate General Counsel, Jacob Rogers, explains how an upcoming decision by the US Supreme Court could jeopardize the ability of Wikimedia users to share free knowledge. Via @techreview ⬇️
Partnering with us and @UNHumanRights, the worldwide photo competition @WikiLovesEarth opened up a special subcategory for #Wiki4HumanRights.

Their goal: To raise awareness of nature protection and human impacts on nature.

Here are this year's winners.
How about celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth by improving @Wikipedia articles about Black artists?

To join @BlackLunchTable's contest, create articles about five Black artists from a Bingo card.

Take a look at the rules, and join before 28 February:
Wikimedia photo
This #BlackHistoryMonth, everyone is invited to join @WikiWomenInRed in creating @Wikipedia articles about Black women, helping to close information gaps on Wikipedia and beyond.

Find out how to participate:
Wikimedia photo
Don't miss the @Smithsonian/ @AmHistoryMuseum's @Wikipedia edit-a-thon this Wednesday, 1 February, at 18:00 UTC, to create and edit articles about Black women in the history of food and drink. #SmithsonianFood #BecauseOfHerStory #BHM

How to join online ⬇️

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