Wix.com was launched in 2006 and is owned by Wix.com Ltd.. The domain Wix.com was created on 1995-05-12.

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Talk of the metaverse either thrills you or makes you want to run a virtual mile. We look at its impact on brands—now and in the future.
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Hackers’ methods are constantly improving—and while you can’t eliminate all cyber threats, you can greatly reduce your business’ exposure to online attackers by establishing a strong cybersecurity posture. Here’s how.
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Fresh tips and spicy insights that’ll help you elevate your business.
Headless commerce offers eCommerce retailers unlimited control and flexibility. Explore this buzzworthy innovation with our technical guide.
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Collaboration is key to moving fast and building great products. This week on Ready for Takeoff, we talk to Nir Yuz, VP of UX at Wix, about how to keep teams connected as you grow.

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Putting together an event from start to finish is a huge undertaking. Here are 5 ways to streamline the process.
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$WIX shares finished the day down over 6% following an underwhelming earnings call 😳

Disappointing guidance might have been what tipped shareholders over the edge, with #Wix forecasting sales of up to $1.434 billion for the coming year.

Inicia la semana con reportes trimestrales del sector tecnología #Wix $WIX, #Cisco $CSCO, #TakeTwo $TTWO y #Dlocal $DLO y consumo discrecional #Walmart $WMT, #TheHomeDepot $HD, #Target $TGT y #Lowes $LOW

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When it comes to WordPress vs. Wix, a coin flip isn't going to help you decide. Which option will you select?
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