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Angular v15 will bring user interface code reuse to another level with the new Directive Composition API!

Check the sneak peek below and stay tuned for the docs coming in v15 this fall 🔥

angular photo
We worked with Chrome Aurora to enable best practices for images with our new image directive!

You can find it in developer preview since Angular v14.2

Read more:

Experimental ESM Application Builds 👀

We're introducing an experimental esbuild-based support with pure ESM output.

Try `ng build` and share your before and after build times! Sass and `ng serve` are on the way 🦞

Update the browser builder in your angular.json:
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If you love #DevTools, you're not going to want to miss the latest blog from the @ChromiumDev team on improvements to debugging your #Angular code in v15!

Get the details here 👇
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The Angular tooling team is looking to simplify the output of `ng generate component`, and would like your feedback!

`ng generate component my-component` should:
Want a better debugging experience? We've got you covered!

@ChromiumDev #DevTools updates are coming to #Angular in v15:

✅ Link stacked traces for async operations
✅ Automatically ignore known third-party scripts

@Jecfish has the details!

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