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We've added an assets option to the server builder in 15.1.

This option can be used to copy server specific assets!
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In Angular 15.1 we've added schematics for generating functional router guards and resolvers! 🙌

With the `--functional` flag you can generate a guard API as opposed to a traditional class API.
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In Angular 15.1, you can add a feature provider for enabling hash navigation.

We've added a `useHash` equivalent to the `provideRouter` API. Try it out with `ng update`! 👩‍💻
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Thanks to a community contribution from Matthieu Riegler, the `isStandalone` function is now available in the public API!

This function allows you to detect whether a given class is marked as standalone. 🧍‍♀️
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We were reviewing the public API surface of the Angular Router and how it's used, and we found a common pattern for reloading a router URL.
Have you ever had two components with the same selector?

In v15.1, the Angular Language Service can suggest all instances of a desired selector, making your life easier! 💡
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