Angular was launched in 2016 and is owned by Angular. The domain was created on 2014-08-04.

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3 hours ago
Have you seen our new Angular error debugging guides?

In partnership with @fireship_dev, we developed guides and videos to help you solve the most common Angular errors.
15 hours ago
🤯 Migrating over 2,500 apps to Angular Ivy using Bazel transitions! 🤯

Register now for #GoogleOSLive with @GoogleOSS to learn more from @develwoutacause about how we're using @bazelbuild transitions in our migration.

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3 days ago
🎨 Inline your critical CSS and let us know your feedback! 🎨

What was the impact on your Lighthouse score?

👇🏾 Get started with this video from our very own @marktechson 👇🏾
1 week ago
Enabling strict mode allows developers to:
🕷 catch bugs in development
👩🏿‍💻 get better IDE & text editor support
📈 have fewer performance regressions
🚀 more accurate ng update experience

Learn how to enable strict mode here ↓
1 week ago
Learn to profile and debug your Angular application in this video from the Angular YouTube channel! 📺
2 weeks ago
Have a bug you want to report? A new feature you'd like to see? 🧐

Learn the best practices for submitting a great issue in this post by @mhevery 👇🏼

Submissions from Interest by Google Trends on Twitter

10 minutes ago
In his free #Webinar ' #Angular Performance: Your App at the Speed of Light', @christianliebel will show the most important optimization options (Zone.js, #ChangeDetection, #ServiceWorkers) so you can ignite the turbo for your Angular app! Register now ⬇️

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