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1 hour ago
🎉 v12 is here and that means it's time for a launch party! 🎉

Join us LIVE to #ngUpdate and chat with the Angular team about all things v12!

Friday, May 14th at 10:00am PDT 🎉
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9 hours ago
Our team is excited to announce the release of Angular v12! ♥️

#ngUpdate to see:
🌿 Ivy-first library distribution
🔐 Prod mode & strict mode by default
🧨 Production Webpack 5 support
🚀 Inline Sass
💫 Inline critical CSS

Read all about the release →
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3 days ago
Google Domains uses Angular Material's Stepper to help you get online faster!⚡️
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6 days ago
Learn how the Command Line Interface can get you from idea to production in less than five minutes!

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7 days ago
Join the #GoogleIO Angular meetup on May 19th, 1pm PDT!

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1 week ago
🔥 Interested in Angular + @Firebase?! 🔥

Join @marktechson for an interactive #GoogleIO workshop and build a Kanban board from scratch with the latest version of Angular! 👀

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