Bing was launched in 2009 and is owned by Microsoft. The domain was created on 1996-01-28.

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Tonight's lunar eclipse coincides with the Flower Moon, the full moon of every May. It will begin just after midnight Eastern time, at 12:12 AM, lasting for 85 minutes. It can be seen from Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia, but is best viewed from North and South America. bing photo
This stretch of windmills is one of the best-known Dutch tourist sites. Over the years they've played a major role in pumping sea water away from the nation's reclaimed land. They're the leading producer of 'green' energy and is expected to grow dramatically in the coming years. bing photo
Here in Cappadocia, the 'fairy chimneys' were formed when a layer of volcanic ash solidified over millions of years into soft, rock called tuff that was overlaid by hard basalt. Today, a visitor can see the complex caves in which societies thrived and sheltered for millennia. bing photo
In case you needed a last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea:
In one of the darkest places on Earth there's a cluster of telescopes that examine the heavens each night - the Atacama Desert. It's the world's driest nonpolar desert. What better place to spend #WorldAstronomyDay? bing photo
According to British folklore, fairies would hang their spells on the bluebell flowers to dry and disturbing them would unleash the magic. Ancient folktales were a good way to make sure curious humans avoided handling them while enjoying their beauty in a whole different matter. bing photo

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Vous souhaitez désactiver les résultats de recherche Web Bing dans le menu Démarrer de Windows 11 ? Découvrez comment désactiver la recherche Web du menu Démarrer de Microsoft Windows 11 #tuto #tutoriel #informatique #PC #Microsoft #Windows11 #Bing #Web is back on @Bing!

Thank you to the #MicrosoftBing team, whose response was with compassion and sincere interest to help. They’re a great team, and we are grateful to continue inspiring the desires of aspiring travellers who discover us on #Bing!
TRAVOH_travel photo
Search engines help us find what we are looking for.
Which one do you use the most? Share your answers in the comments!
Which search engine do you use the most?
#Google #Bing #ONPASSIVE
42 years ago Dr #Burzynski found a #cancer cure. The #FDA buried it and took him to court. I have 2 siblings who #died in pain younger than me and might easily have been cured but for #Fauci and his #BigPharma gangsters. #Corruption #Fraud. #Bing the Dr. Not #liarGoogle. jdjongumzidenga photo

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