Bitly was launched in 2008 and is owned by Bitly. The domain was created on 2003-11-12.

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2 hours ago
Bitly makes bulk shortening easier than ever by introducing our new CSV Bulk Shortening feature. Import a spreadsheet of your links and UTM parameters to shorten and brand them all at once!

#spreadsheets #utmlinks #utmparameters #linkshortening #branding
Bitly photo
1 day ago
Bitly’s new WordPress plugin allows you to not only skip a whole step in shortening your links but also increases the convenience of tracking your success! That’s right, Bitly’s got your back.

#linkshortening #shortlinks #website #CMS #wordpress #plugin
Bitly photo
3 days ago
Short links are not only easier for your audience to remember, but they’re also pretty cute. Use Bitly's tools to increase your CTR anytime, anywhere📈 . Check out the top 4 ways to be productive today!

#productivity #urlshortener #linkmanagement
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1 week ago
Bitly works anywhere you do. Whether you work in spreadsheets, social media management apps, or on your phone - you can shorten and brand links directly from those tools. Don’t worry, you can still log in to Bitly just to visit and say hi 👋 Bitly photo

Submissions from Interest by Google Trends on Twitter

4 hours ago
A few folks have asked us about our favorite application for increasing #SocialMediaEngagements, and our answer is It's not #bitly or #Hootsuite...Actually, we haven't seen anything like it before.

#socialmediamarketing #marketing #digitalmarketing
3 days ago
How to Shorten URL using PHP #Bitly | Hack Tech Lanka via @YouTube
4 days ago
The time is not getting better, but our Kickstarter project is making this corona time better 😊 check it and click „notify me...“ #SpreadTheWord #spread #bitly #kickstarter #kickstartercampaign #topkickstarterprojects #coolest #now memynetwork1 photo
5 days ago
Sure they look great, but do URL shorteners like #Bitly hurt your #SEO performance?

Using a shortener allows you to create concise, aesthetically pleasing links, while also being able to glean additional performance data #Tech #Marketing #Search #BigData

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