Bitly was launched in 2008 and is owned by Bitly. The domain was created on 2003-11-12.

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2 months ago
Your workflow is about to go from rough rapids to steady stream with Bitly’s new WordPress Plugin. Instead of copy and pasting into Bitly to shorten links, simply download the plugin and links will be automatically created as you publish through WordPress! Bitly photo
2 months ago
With Bitly’s new WordPress Plugin, your ctrl+v is going to get lonely. That’s right, you may never have to copy and paste short links again! Simply publish through WordPress and we take care of the links for you. Start using the #WordPressPlugin today! Bitly photo
2 months ago
Our new CSV Bulk Shortening feature will slash time spent shortening your branded links while giving you the ability to still manage them on #spreadsheets. Depending on your plan, shorten up to 10,000 branded links in a single upload!

Bitly photo
2 months ago
Whether you’re in the office, WFH, or let’s be honest, on the couch, Bitly works where you do! We don’t judge. Let us help you improve your productivity today!

#productivity #mobile #wfh
Bitly photo
2 months ago
Are you a spreadsheet person? Depending on your plan, you can now shorten and brand up to 10,000 links all at the same time by simply uploading the spreadsheet into Bitly. Buh-bye copy/paste!

#spreadsheets #utmlinks #linkshortening #branding
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2 hours ago
アカウントNo.のところに書かれてあるのが、昔使ってたBitlyのアカウントだ。 #bitly #zuora
21 hours ago
Sure they look great, but do URL shorteners like #Bitly hurt your #SEO performance?

Using a shortener allows you to create concise, aesthetically pleasing links, while also being able to glean additional performance data #Tech #Marketing #Search #BigData
6 days ago
Top #CDOs join #BigID's Fireside Chat to offer insights & best practices! Hear from @Bitly & @peggy_tsai on cutting-edge #Data innovations — to include how #Bitly leverages #ML to derive insight from Data. Watch it here >> #DataDriven #DataStrategy bigidsecure photo
6 days ago
¿Cuánto tiempo pasas de pantalla en pantalla usando diferentes aplicaciones o herramientas? En Agorapulse nos gusta simplificarte la vida integrando Bitly para que lo puedas usar sin moverte de donde estás... ¿Cuántas veces crees que lo usarás?

#Agorapulse #Bitly
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