Digg was launched in 2004 and is owned by Digg, Inc.. The domain Digg.com was created on 2000-02-20.

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One study found that over the next 47% of US jobs could be wiped out by AI in the next two decades. https://t.co/MQbhrqesP4
Want to hear a car that sounds like an elephant? https://t.co/ehERBEL2mS
"It wasn't cool to look like a coal miner in '96." https://t.co/me73M5G1w9
This week’s characters include a NIMBY athlete, a YouTube influencer whose content of the week was curing blindness and a newspaper that decided to provoke Italians. #OneMainCharacter https://t.co/5dmSNHPdS8
Could Jack and Rose both have survived in the end? 'Titanic' director James Cameron decided to put the debate to rest for the film's 25th anniversary. https://t.co/jEOzFf4gpU

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