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21 minutes ago
@CNN A lot of people can't get vaccinated because of health problems. It's ridiculous to lump them in with idiots. This story is horse shit. Do better CNN aka #huffingtonpost
18 hours ago
👉“Filippo il pazzo”, così veniva chiamato. Invece fu artista geniale. Non c’è alcun dubbio. I pazzi siamo noi ad averlo ignorato e deriso per troppo tempo.
Su HuffPost Italia
#huffingtonpost #italia #sciacca #sicilia #filippobentivegna #castelloincantato
angelucci_ale photo
1 day ago

According to #HuffingtonPost reporter Igor Bobic, people began fleeing from restaurants at the sound of "20 to 30 gunshots." Multiple emergency vehicles are on the scene.

#Washington #DC #US #BreakingNews
1 day ago
@Cdanslair @adevillaines "Les élus disent", cheffe du service politique du #HuffingtonPost ?
Au secours... #NonAuPasseDeLaHonte
2 days ago
. @huffpost more #fakenews #huffingtonpost. Totally distorts story of Texas Senate Bill reforming Teaching Requirements to prohibit #racist & anti-American #CRT indoctrination. "Texas Senate Bill Drops Teaching Requirement That Ku Klux Klan Is ‘Morally Wrong"

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