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2 days ago
Hey Siri, how do I delete someone else's post?
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kaineluvr42069 @silencedrowns
I am absolutely losing my mind over this post and therefore I have to inflict it on everyone else
3 days ago
remember those few weeks of quarantine when everything on this platform was cake
4 days ago
#MothersDay can be especially difficult for those without a mom in their life, whether by circumstance or choice. Today, or any day, if you could use a mother figure to talk to, celebrate with, or confide in, there's r/MomForAMinute.
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5 days ago
Lady Gaga follows us on here and, quite frankly, that's all that matters
2 weeks ago
What do a lake full of skeletons, an enchanted doll and a curious merchant have in common? …We’re actually hoping you can help figure it out.

Go to u/VillageConnoisseur to unravel this riddle: #ResidentEvilVillage

In partnership with @RE_Games
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