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5 days ago
If The Wedding Singer came out today, it would take place in 2008
2 weeks ago
my therapist:✍️ not ✍️ a ✍️ cat
2 weeks ago
"The first selfie my grandpa took with his new phone."

[open for a surprise] by u/bosvert234
reddit photo
2 weeks ago
idk who needs to hear this but it's perfectly acceptable to spend valentine's day by yourself this year. noble, even.
3 weeks ago
We made a bet on ourselves tonight – will it have been worth it? TBD.

But if a 43-year-old quarterback can lead his team to victory over opposing players half his age, maybe a few of you will take the time to pause a 5-second ad.

Anything is possible.

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2 minutes ago
Can the market activity driven by #Reddit investors continue at their current levels? PM Keith Gangl spoke with @business to share his insights.
3 minutes ago
Dirty Diana - Free VR Porn Video - Diana Grace via /r/Vrpornstash #vrporn #Reddit

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