was launched in 1995 and is owned by United Internet AG. The domain was created on 1997-03-23.

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    Wikipedia a multilingual, web-based, free encyclopedia based on a model of openly editable and viewable content, a wiki.
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    Internet Archive is a digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites and a wayback machine. Screenshot

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Create a free account to enjoy a full-service email experience. This includes a mobile email service, powerful online tools and attachments up to 30 MB. You can choose from more than 200 domain names to create a unique email ID.
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We’ve all been there – your device wants to do an update right when you are in the middle of something, so you click the notification away. But are you opening yourself up to a security risk?

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Looking for help with your account? If you visit the Help Center, you’ll find new FAQs that provide answers to your most urgent questions in a single click.
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Sometimes autocorrect can save you from typos, but sometimes it drives you crazy – like when you accidently text that you’re going to watch Harry Potty. Read how to turn off autocorrect on your phone.

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The email app is simple and intuitive, offering function and flexibility. It keeps your emails safe and protects your data. maildotcom photo
Have you ever received a fake email asking you to enter your password or else your account will be locked? This is an example of an scam called “phishing”. So what should you do?

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Gonna close this account @EdwardC86385442 when I get around to it and others also that have been stolen by #MailDotCom
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#IdentityTheft alive and well at #MailDotCom

I had like two email from @ElectionsCan_E on it

What could I possibly have done wrong ?

Restore my password link or I'll seek providers for my other accounts
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