Netvibes was launched in 2005 and is owned by Netvibes (part of Dassault Systemes). The domain was created on 1999-05-21.

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2 days ago
Using data insights and Capital Facilities Information Excellence, ReNew Power leads India's transition to more-sustainable energy.
3 days ago
Customer feedback analysis, powered by AI: Learn how Proxem delivers a precise understanding of language to enhance Information Intelligence.
2 months ago
❔ What if waste and pollution were never created in the first place?

💻 Learn how to carry your business into the circular economy with virtual twins and predictive analytics on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Sustainable manufacturing starts here:

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2 months ago
Sustainability is not just good for the world, it’s good for business too. Join the leaders in business sustainability at our virtual event to drive positive change. Check out our packed agenda and sign up now!
2 months ago
Get the edge in operational excellence with the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. It connects ecosystems of qualified industrial actors in hundreds of dedicated domains. PartSupply puts tens of millions of 3D components at your designers fingertips in a few clicks
2 months ago
A new source of energy for mankind! One of the most complex endeavors in history, ITER uses NETVIBES technology to index and access exponential amounts of data.

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