Netvibes was launched in 2005 and is owned by Netvibes (part of Dassault Systemes). The domain was created on 1999-05-21.

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Catch NETVIBES CEO Morgan Zimmermann's keynote at #PIDX May 17 at 4:20pm in Room 1.

Learn more about the event and Virtual Twin Experiences on our blog.
Companies leveraging virtual twin experiences are better able to virtually test designs and ensure quality and manufacturability before moving into real production, resulting in fewer costly changes, faster time-to-market and reduced operating costs.
Businesses using digital twins realize substantial advantages over non-users, including a 12% increase in product ROI.

Read the new Aberdeen report:
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Join us at India Infra Forum 2022. Ratish Rao will be on a panel discussion for "Digitally Fueled Performance," exploring the growth of new technologies, including digital twins for cities. netvibes photo
NETVIBES will be onstage at the Automotive Procurement Forum, with the participation of Sebastian Kress in the World Café to discuss with e.g. Thyssen Krupp “Future proofing - How to prepare purchasing for future challenges.” Join us at 3 pm on May 9! netvibes photo
A wealth of available data empowers companies to drive better decisions--but only if they are able to harness the data for actionable insights. Learn how to overcome 4 enterprise data challenges. #datascience

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Better enable enterprise agility, innovation and resilience. Let’s sync in Atlanta at #PIDX today and tomorrow!

Join Stéphane Declee and Morgan Zimmermann at #PIDX USA 2022, on Day 1, for their session: "From PLM to Virtual Twin Experiences."

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