Netvibes was launched in 2005 and is owned by Netvibes (part of Dassault Systemes). The domain was created on 1999-05-21.

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3 days ago
Through smarter product development, improved air transportation and better design, we empower people and companies creating innovations for a safer, brighter future. #3DEXPERIENCE
4 days ago
Improve your product innovation and supply chain. Discover the full benefits of AI-driven parts management.
5 days ago
Virtual twins provide a safe testing environment for radically disruptive green innovation. Improve sustainability, reduce risk and ensure quality.
6 days ago
Join our NETVIBES User Community! Learn dashboard tips and best practices, ask questions and stay on top of the latest news.
1 week ago
Digital twin technology, with NETVIBES on the #3DEXPERIENCE platform, is helping manufacturers to identify risks earlier, improving performance and sustainability.
1 week ago
“The only real intelligence is human intelligence. For now, artificial intelligence is more artificial than intelligent.” Watch the short video by Proxem founder François-Régis Chaumartin.

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