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4 months ago
Check out the size difference between a new generation Intel Xeon Scalable for dual processor servers and the previous Xeon generation, the E5 v4!

We have many different models of Xeon Scalable dedicated servers in stock, supporting super fast NVMe drives!

Order yours today!
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6 months ago
Our lead engineers are back at Equinix in Silicon Valley, one of the data center providers for our virtualization platform, ColossusCloud!

What are we up to? We are swapping out Intel E5 CPUs for newer ones in order to increase available capacity, along with many other upgrades.
ServerPoint photo
9 months ago
Our engineers are at our Silicon Valley data center this week, powered by Equinix!

They are upgrading CPUs and RAM in many of our hypervisors as well as adding more SSD capacity to our Ceph storage clusters!

Deploy a Linux or Windows virtual server with us today!
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9 months ago
Upcoming maintenance to our Silicon Valley data center, starting the evening of August 14th, 2020. Please take a look at our status page for more information, at
9 months ago
Pick up a few Xeon Scalable servers today!

Intel’s Xeon Scalable is the latest generation of enterprise CPUs, offering speed unseen before.

These servers can handle up to 18TBs of RAM and up to 56 CPU cores!
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2 years ago
The MicroClouds are coming! All new dedicated servers with E3 v6 CPUs are hosted in efficient Supermicro MicroCloud servers.

All with both redundant power and redundant 10g network uplinks, with enterprise SSD drives up to 3.84TB and/or enterprise hard drives up to 12TB.
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