ServerPoint was launched in 1998 and is owned by DBA The domain was created on 2001-06-01.

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The Intel Xeon Gold line is coming soon to ServerPoint!

Ask our staff at if you’d like to order a few of these dedicated servers before we officially launch them.

Starting at just $399/month! Including upgrades to fast NVMe disks!
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To our staff, our families and all our clients in the United States, we wish you a great and safe day of celebrating the independence of good old US of A! Happy 4th of July! ServerPoint photo
At ServerPoint, we deal with a lot of data storage! Boxes of hard disks come into our warehouse several times a week.

And all disks are datacenter grade.

When you need large data storage capacity, let us know. Whether it is terabytes or petabytes, we can build it.
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We honor the fallen heroes of our US armed forces for the sacrifices they have made for all of us, here and abroad. ServerPoint photo
This week, our engineering team will be at the famous Infomart data center building in Dallas. They will be performing upgrades and increasing capacity!

Deploy Windows and Linux virtualized servers at this location and any of our others.

Learn more at!
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Check out the size difference between a new generation Intel Xeon Scalable for dual processor servers and the previous Xeon generation, the E5 v4!

We have many different models of Xeon Scalable dedicated servers in stock, supporting super fast NVMe drives!

Order yours today!
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