ServerPoint was launched in 1998 and is owned by DBA The domain was created on 2001-06-01.

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These are some of the nodes of our distributed storage system, using solid state disks, used by our virtual server platform, ColossusCloud.

Deploy Linux and Windows servers within minutes. Visit and sign up!
Step into the world of a data center.

This is one of the many facilities where we house our virtual server product, ColossusCloud.

Deploy Linux and Windows virtual servers in minutes, from any of our 6 locations around the world.

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entOS, as we know it, is dead.

And thus, two new RedHat clones have surfaced in the market.

May we recommend AlmaLinux and RockyLinux as replacements?

You can deploy virtual servers with either of them at any of our 6 global locations, starting at just $5/mo.
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CentOS 8, the last of the CentOS releases, will no longer be supported by RedHat. There will be no further updates or security parches for it.

Can we recommend either RockyLinux or AlmaLinux? Both are available in our cloud platform, ColossusCloud.
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The Intel Xeon Gold line is coming soon to ServerPoint!

Ask our staff at if you’d like to order a few of these dedicated servers before we officially launch them.

Starting at just $399/month! Including upgrades to fast NVMe disks!
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To our staff, our families and all our clients in the United States, we wish you a great and safe day of celebrating the independence of good old US of A! Happy 4th of July! ServerPoint photo

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